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Did I Ever Tell You Guys About How Baby Althalor Is Internet Famous

I can’t remember.  Did I?  Perhaps I did.  It was a long time ago.

Seven years ago, to be precise.

World of Warcraft was still everywhere in those days because there were 12 million subscribers.  It was a pop culture phenomenon.  So it a pretty common thing for comedy articles taking the piss out of it to exist.  Such as this one on Cracked.

cracked 1Oh hey, look, it’s a baby hunter posing with The Rake in Mulgore.  You know, I did that once…

…with a blood elf who looks suspiciously like the one in the picture…

…wait a minute…


That’s Althalor.

Forever immortalized on the internet at level ten.  Poor guy.

Hey, he’s still got that cat!

WoWScrnShot_090915_093830 (2)

Hello friends!

No real blog post today because I was getting my wisdom teeth removed.  So instead, have some tweets I made about five minutes after waking up from the general anesthetic (start at the bottom and read up)

never forget 2-26

For the record, upon first waking up I “saw” lava everywhere and my addled, drugged mind decided that clearly I was in Blackrock Mountain.

Varian Wrynn is the 1%

So I was running a panda through Westfall the other day– haven’t done it since the Cataclysm redo– and was very amused to do a quest which involved finding pages from the Communist manifesto and also bits of cloth that are colored solidarity red.  Honestly I’m surprised the drifters from Westfall aren’t busy occupying Stormwind.

The Red Army is the strongest

Honestly I was feeling bad because I just had to interrogate all the homeless people for a quest and all I wanted to do was help them out and be on their side.  It made me wish that they were a faction and that I could hang out and help them rebuild Westfall and we’d do all sorts of neat things like own our own means of production.  But alas, it is not to be.

Oh well.  I put everything on the auction house for dirt cheap, and that sort of counts, right?

Just Keep Playing, Just Keep Playing

Cataclysm is really shaping up to be exceeding my expectations. Just playing alts is keeping me more than occupied. I haven’t felt this way since I started playing in ’07. It’s really great.

Both of my high-level hunters are now 81. One is in Hyjal and one is in Vash’jir. I’m keeping them fairly even level-wise and having a lot of fun with it. I did… Blackrock Caverns, I think it’s called? Man. I’m still not sure if I hated or loved that dungeon. It’s sort of a weird mix of both. I hated it because it took about two hours in my PuG group and we wiped more than I have wiped in months. I loved it because the boss mechanics and strats were actually interesting. One of them had beams that you’re supposed to stand in. “Oh, like Netherspite in Kara?” I asked. “Yep,” was the reply. It made me happy. Someone else who had done Kara. Because everyone should do Kara. <3 Speaking of Kara, did you know that Attumen is solo'able by a level 80 resto druid, if you have twenty minutes and a lot of patience?

Now you know!

You can boomkin through the trash with ease, but when you’re tanking both Attumen and Midnight separately at the beginning of the encounter you just end up taking too much damage. Never fear, Tree Tank is here! Waiting around for Innervates was the most time-consuming part.

As always, he failed to drop my necklace, which I will never ever see.

Afterward I switched back to boomkin, charged into that room full of trash and popped Barkskin, Starfall, and Hurricane, and died in a beautiful blaze of glory.

…and speaking of boomkins…

A few months back when I mentioned that I didn’t think I would have money for Cataclysm, you guys really responded. So much, in fact, that not only could I afford Cataclysm, but I could also afford to buy WoW cards for my younger sisters (their accounts were long since canceled due to lack of funds) and also get them Wrath of the Lich King (they were still back in BC-land) and Moonkin Hatchlings. They’re really excited to be back, and the first thing we did was organize a Moonkin Family Reunion, complete with pet biscuits.

The second thing we did was get onto the boat to go to Borean Tundra. Or, we would have, if the boat didn’t glitch and strand a poor level 70, without Cataclysm, in Vashj’ir. Yeah I can’t put my finger on that one either…

Fortunately I went and rescued her. She promptly set her hearthstone to that boat as a joke, which made me panic until she pointed out that she can teleport to Moonglade. Ohhh yeah, I forgot druids could do that.

tl;dr: Alts are fun, dungeons are fun-strating (my new portmanteau of fun and frustrating), Karazhan is still the best raid and boats are glitchy.

Hey guys, did I ever tell you this one?

This is something that happened to me a while back so the details are pretty foggy, but for some reason I never blogged this and it deserves to be blogged, so:

I was playing my delightful Tauren Tree, the second resto druid in my arsenal (because I luff them), and I was… 62, 63?… at the time so I was in Slave Pens. Pretty standard run, things were going just fine and we were at that point between the second and final boss… you know what I’m talking about, right? All those billions of packs of Naga adds right as you get to that tunnel-ramp-thing that gets you to the druid who gives you the buff and all of that.

So anyway we get there and this segment was always a little tough, especially back in the day on heroic. Who remembers that?


Anywho, our pally tank picks up one too many packs and I get feared or something or other and the tank dies. We still manage to survive, but apparently said pally tank was too impatient to wait the ten seconds to get a rez in what had otherwise been a flawless run and wordlessly leaves the group.

This is followed by one of the DPS leaving the group as well.

So there we are, Me the Tree, an arms warrior DPS, and some other DPS whose class I can’t remember. He was a blood elf and I wanna say some sort of caster, but it’s not really all that important.

We re-queue and we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

…it’s been thirty minutes. No joke, cause I moused over the little icon and it said we’d been waiting for thirty minutes.

I was expecting the group to dissolve in a pile of “Well thanks anyway”s any minute now when the arms warrior, a lovely female orc, strapped on a shield and a one-handed sword. “Let’s clear trash while we wait,” she said.

So we did. Cleared trash. It was slow going and pretty healing intensive but we survived.

We got up to that final room with the druid and the last boss. We successfully freed the druid from his cage, killed the mobs that spawn when you do that, and got his buff.

We waited around for a few more minutes. Still no bites from the queue. The last boss in Slave Pens, who throws poisons and crap around and has always been a toughie, was looming in front of us.

I’m not sure how we came to the decision that we would give it a shot anyway, but we did. Arms warrior in Defensive Stance rushes in…

The first minute or so of the fight, I spent Tree-Tanking. Seriously. The boss was on me. I was Barkskin’d and spamming heals every cooldown.

Finally the warrior snags aggro. I couldn’t let down my guard; the warrior was squishy and this boss hits HARD and he hits EVERYONE with his AoE. I was out of mana so I popped Innervate. At this point the boss was maybe down to, oh, about 66% of his health or so. Yeah, this was gonna be a long fight.

Still we continue. I’m still healing on every single cooldown. It’s not long before I’m out of mana again (Tree druid mana efficiency sucks at this level) so I use a potion. I know, though, that Innervate isn’t gonna be ready next time I run out of mana, and the fight is still just as tough…

The boss is down to about 33%. I’m almost out of mana again. In fact, I’m down to my last two or three spells before I go OOM. I quickly plotted out in my head who best to use my final heals on and executed them… one last Regrowth on our pseudo-tank…

…I wince cause I know we’re gonna wipe now…

And suddenly something weird happens with the party frames and I blink, not really comprehending what happened, and suddenly the boss is down.

A few seconds later I realize that the party frames had jumped from three to five. The queue had finally popped and thrown our new party members right into the fray of the boss fight.

*blink blink*

…easy Goodie Bag for those two, eh?

Arms warrior sends me a whisper. “Sorry about you having aggro, I didn’t realize that my one-handed sword skill was still 1.”

All’s well that ends well.

Tawyn Is The Champion My Friends…


…toldya I’d get Malygos before Oculus. >.>

Funny story behind this whole thing actually; I’ve been sitting around needing EoE and Oculus for a really long time now. However, I haven’t had much good luck with groups.

Enter my new guild, which– have I mentioned recently that they are all exceptionally nice?– has been really itching to figure out a way to get me into some raids since my schedule does not coincide with their current progression schedule very nicely.

And so, one night when I was actually online (as opposed to mornings, when I am usually online), the guild pulled together a Malygos run… pretty much just for me, and for some guildies’ alts who also wanted the title.

Now enter the funny story. They wanted me to use Ventrilo, which is fair; I typically use Ventrilo for any raid that isn’t OS/VoA. Ventrilo doesn’t work for me on Linux so I told my guild it would be a moment while I hopped partitions over to Windows.

…guess who hasn’t used Windows since the patch? Guess what needed to download? Oh, and then guess who ran out of space on her Windows partition and had to rearrange everything?

Needless to say it was about an hour before I was actually back in game. My addons were completely borked, but at that point I figured screw it, I’d already left my poor guild waiting so long.

And so, before long I was on Ventrilo, the subject of a rather amusing (and truth be told, ongoing) name debate: TAH-win vs. TAY-win. (It’s TAH-win by the way. >.>)

And Malygos went down quite nicely! I had a screenshot of the achievement but it primarily consists of my broken addons throwing error messages in my face (no, seriously. I named it “What Your Addons See When They Die”), so yeah.

Anyways, a couple days after that, aforementioned Really Nice Guild* went to Oculus with me so I could, finally, become Champion of the Frozen Wastes.

It’s a spiffy title, if a bit long-ish, and since approximately 97.5% of the WoW population is currently using that title, I’ll probably retire it soon until a few expansions from now, when it becomes rare.

But it’s nice to have it! <3 P.S. Guess who signed up for Ulduar this week! /excited dance --- * Really Nice Guild, as it turns out, has a blog. They totally aren’t expecting me to link them, but I’m going to because I’m devious like that. /wicked grin

Don't Panic

I spec’d Survival. For Replenishment. Because I was in a ten-man without any and it was making things annoying.

I liked it better this time than I did in the past (the fact that I remembered to train the higher ranks of Explosive Shot possibly had something to do with it. /nonchalant cough) My DPS was rather variable. For the most part I seemed to be floating a few hundred above what I do as BM, although sometimes I was higher, and sometimes the gap was much closer. (I somehow manage to pull off fairly equal DPS with all the hunter specs right now. I call shenanigans.) My mana issues, however, were nearly non-existent, especially because a ret pally decided to show up too (so much for me thinking we needed replenishment so badly!) and when I did go OOM a few times on Sapphiron tonight, I only had to be in Viper for about six seconds to fill up again.

I had a hard time getting used to the shot rotation because it didn’t really feel like there was any rhythm to it. I tried to set up my SCT-D to flash “ZOMG LOCK AND LOAD OHNOES” or something similar at me when L&L proc’d, and I got it about half working but then I couldn’t get a sound set to it. Still, I tried, though!

I am remaining Survival-spec’d tonight because the patch is tomorrow and we’ll all get a free respec anyway so don’t have a heart attack if you go to my Armory right now. >.> Honestly playing around with all the specs is something I would like to continue to do in the future– I sort of enjoy spec’ing for what the raid needs (I recently also spent a raid night as Marksman, for Trueshot Aura), and I’m making a mother-lode off of herbs lately so I can afford it. /nods

I actually felt like I had a really productive day in WoW today. I healed a Nexus on my druid. One of the group members was a hunter who intrigued me because his spec was almost the exact same as Lunapike’s— a very Pike-approved leveling spec. I complimented him on this. His response?


Well, that explains that!

Then the boyfriend got on his Baby Holy Paladin, I got on my Baby Prot Paladin, and our friend got on his Baby Priest, and we proceeded to take Deadmines. For the record, this is what happens when we do Deadmines:

Yes, and did you know that in our little world, VanCleef possesses the following: void zones, fire that you should not stand in, fire that you should stand in, a stun, Mutating Injection, infernals that can be avoided by being tanked along a certain side of the boat, and a tail swipe?

True story.

Just One O' Those Nights

Went to Karazhan with some buddies. We goofed off, we dawdled around, we didn’t take anything seriously and eventually we called it after Curator cause we got all-tuckered-out, little kid style.

Beastmaw Pauldrons dropped off of Opera. I’d forgotten these even existed. Eagerly I Needed them, knowing that my shoulders are one of my few remaining non-epic pieces. Went to Scryer bank later to get them ‘chanted up, aaaand…

Whaddaya know, they aren’t quite as good as my gemmed-up Beast Lord Mantle. I mean they’d get me some Stamina, Int, and Mp5, but at the cost of crit and AP? I don’t recall having any major stamina or intellect issues in what I’ve been doing lately, so that’s a noper. Plus, Beast Lord gets me my lovely, lovely trap-cooldown set bonus. <3 Still, I'm keeping the Pauldrons tucked away in the case of having to do gear-swapping later down the line (similar to how I have like four different neckpieces in my bank, all with varying degrees of crit, hit, AP, and stam). Dunno if I'll have to do much gear-juggling with WotLK so soon, but better to be safe than sorry eh? Just a friendly reminder from Pike that shiny new gear isn't always as awesome as it looks and that you should take your current situation into consideration. Ya wanna hear a funny story though? We PuG'd this rogue and right about the time everybody was getting in Vent when we were starting, the most obnoxious guy in the world shows up in our channel, making a total of ten of us there. He was loud, woefully uncouth, and prone to yelling out various things about people's moms and wanting chicken. I mean, I'm all for groan-worthy and/or terrible humor, but only when it's pulled off well and not, well... idiotically and LOUDLY. Within five minutes the rest of us had him on Mute and the guy musta eventually figured out that nobody was replying to him cause he left the channel. Later we're at Moroes and we tell the rogue to get back on Vent so we can talk strategy. He informs us that we never gave him the info. We all sort of collectively blinked and gave him the Vent info and he logs in and... is not the obnoxious guy.

So who the heck was that random guy who showed up in our channel right at the same time as the rest of us?

We have no idea. Ah well.

Best part of the night was our warlock and main tank secretly logging into each other’s accounts for the first pull. I… don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pull go as horribly as that one did. Like, think of the worst possible pull ever, and you’ll be able to envision what I saw and the horror that I felt when our legendary tank seemingly forgot how to hold aggro. And then the realization afterwards that we’d all been punked. It was amazing. I <3 my friends.