Hey guys, did I ever tell you this one?

This is something that happened to me a while back so the details are pretty foggy, but for some reason I never blogged this and it deserves to be blogged, so:

I was playing my delightful Tauren Tree, the second resto druid in my arsenal (because I luff them), and I was… 62, 63?… at the time so I was in Slave Pens. Pretty standard run, things were going just fine and we were at that point between the second and final boss… you know what I’m talking about, right? All those billions of packs of Naga adds right as you get to that tunnel-ramp-thing that gets you to the druid who gives you the buff and all of that.

So anyway we get there and this segment was always a little tough, especially back in the day on heroic. Who remembers that?


Anywho, our pally tank picks up one too many packs and I get feared or something or other and the tank dies. We still manage to survive, but apparently said pally tank was too impatient to wait the ten seconds to get a rez in what had otherwise been a flawless run and wordlessly leaves the group.

This is followed by one of the DPS leaving the group as well.

So there we are, Me the Tree, an arms warrior DPS, and some other DPS whose class I can’t remember. He was a blood elf and I wanna say some sort of caster, but it’s not really all that important.

We re-queue and we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

…it’s been thirty minutes. No joke, cause I moused over the little icon and it said we’d been waiting for thirty minutes.

I was expecting the group to dissolve in a pile of “Well thanks anyway”s any minute now when the arms warrior, a lovely female orc, strapped on a shield and a one-handed sword. “Let’s clear trash while we wait,” she said.

So we did. Cleared trash. It was slow going and pretty healing intensive but we survived.

We got up to that final room with the druid and the last boss. We successfully freed the druid from his cage, killed the mobs that spawn when you do that, and got his buff.

We waited around for a few more minutes. Still no bites from the queue. The last boss in Slave Pens, who throws poisons and crap around and has always been a toughie, was looming in front of us.

I’m not sure how we came to the decision that we would give it a shot anyway, but we did. Arms warrior in Defensive Stance rushes in…

The first minute or so of the fight, I spent Tree-Tanking. Seriously. The boss was on me. I was Barkskin’d and spamming heals every cooldown.

Finally the warrior snags aggro. I couldn’t let down my guard; the warrior was squishy and this boss hits HARD and he hits EVERYONE with his AoE. I was out of mana so I popped Innervate. At this point the boss was maybe down to, oh, about 66% of his health or so. Yeah, this was gonna be a long fight.

Still we continue. I’m still healing on every single cooldown. It’s not long before I’m out of mana again (Tree druid mana efficiency sucks at this level) so I use a potion. I know, though, that Innervate isn’t gonna be ready next time I run out of mana, and the fight is still just as tough…

The boss is down to about 33%. I’m almost out of mana again. In fact, I’m down to my last two or three spells before I go OOM. I quickly plotted out in my head who best to use my final heals on and executed them… one last Regrowth on our pseudo-tank…

…I wince cause I know we’re gonna wipe now…

And suddenly something weird happens with the party frames and I blink, not really comprehending what happened, and suddenly the boss is down.

A few seconds later I realize that the party frames had jumped from three to five. The queue had finally popped and thrown our new party members right into the fray of the boss fight.

*blink blink*

…easy Goodie Bag for those two, eh?

Arms warrior sends me a whisper. “Sorry about you having aggro, I didn’t realize that my one-handed sword skill was still 1.”

All’s well that ends well.

13 thoughts on “Hey guys, did I ever tell you this one?”

  1. YAY!
    That’s one of those epic stories that to some is just “meh” but I’ve had similar sort of things involving people leaving, being down to just a few people and pushing on regardless!
    Such a great feeling!
    You = uber tree 🙂

  2. I used to main my Resto Druid, who was my first character. I survived tanking 36 seconds of KT in Naxx 10 (or was it 25?) back when that was the place to be. Tree-tanking is a powerful force. It’s not just for PvP anymore. *raises branch* Gimme bark, Pikerz, that’s fun stuff!

  3. I realize you don’t play as much as you used to but these kind of posts (recounting experiences in dungeons and raids) have always been among your best so I hope you can drop a few more here and there in the future. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I had something similar happen in Underbog. The tank left so a plate DPS “tanked” to the last boss. Literally 5 seconds before the boss died a tank popped in and thanked us for the free loot bag. 🙂

  5. I liked the conclusion, it made me Lol. xD I really enjoyed reading this since I myself have had many experiences like this. (6 year WoW player) All in all, thanks for giving me dome good quality reading time AND a couple giggles here and there. ^^

  6. Those moments have been among the greatest share of my “karma moments”, if you will, on WoW. I’ve been pulled in to in-progress groups like the two people mentioned in your story, blasted everything in sight out of existence (hunter main =), and gotten my quick badges; and I’ve been on the bad end too. Always fun, usually epic, and it gives you a little bit of a nice “pay-it-forward” kind of feeling. Cheers Pike.

  7. way wayy back on my very first char before Tamaren that got hacked, there was a little orc. he quenued in ab. at lvl 30 or so, and he was the first one in. the one min timer started. 30 sec. started. he was the only one. agenced 15. so i started capping. i ran away, but i managed to keep one bace. then the quenue popped when i was about to lose farm. suddenly, 14 horde ran through the gates. and capped 5 places. ya it was pritty scary for that first 8 min!

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