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No need to fear, Underbog is here!

So, ladies and gentlemen. Underbog. Let’s talk about it.

Superfun Coilfang instance for level 63ish. Was great fun as a heroic back-in-the-day. Is still great fun as a level 63ish instance now.

And guys, if you’re like me, and a.) dailies got old and b.) playing the Auction House isn’t really your thing, then Underbog is the instance for you.

Here’s why:

  • Half of the mobs are skinnable. They give you Knothide Leather. Which you can sell.
  • The other half of the mobs are herb-able. Half of the time they give you junk, but there’s a ton of Ancient Lichen laying around to make up for it. Which you can sell.
  • The place is a loot pinata. Greens are all over the place. Which you can sell. (or DE, or what-have-you.)
  • Regardless of your professions, everybody can pick Sanguine Hibiscus. Sanguine Hibiscus is a Sporeggar rep item. Sporeggar rep gets you a minipet and is part of the “the Diplomat” title achievement. Depending on your server and how much of this tends to be on the AH, you can sell this stuff for 5g a piece, at least. Oh, did I mention that you can scoop up about 30 in 20 minutes?
My Mechanopeep brings all the flowers to the yard
My Mechanopeep brings all the flowers to the yard

How to do it

Run in. Kill everything, including all trash. The trash has a good chance to drop aforementioned Sanguine Hibiscus. Not to mention, skinning/herb frenzy if you have one or both of those professions. Kill the first boss. Keep going until you get to that ramp with the Naga*. Twenty minutes tops. This is with a character that isn’t particularly geared; it would probably go even faster still on my main (I plan on trying it later today.)

This is the Naga Ramp.  19 minutes, 43 seconds.
This is the Naga Ramp. 19 minutes, 43 seconds.

Run back to the beginning. A bunch of the Sanguine Hibiscus has respawned; scoop it up on your way out. Then, reset the instance and do it again!

The best part is that this instance is easy. Thus, you don’t need to pull out a special solo-y spec or anything. I just pull out my crab and do it spec’d as Beast Master Raid. You could probably do it just as easily with Marksmanship or Survival, so long as you’ve got a Misdirect macro handy.

The other best part is that if you like solo’ing old stuff, this is super fun, and if you don’t like solo’ing old stuff, then it’s easy enough that you can do it while you have a movie on in the background or something.

The other, other best part is that I am pretty convinced this is a higher gold-per-minute ratio than dailies. If I run around and do all my Argent Tourney dailies, that’s 200ish gold in an hour. Meanwhile, 20 minutes in this instance will get you 200ish gold at least in stuff you can sell, assuming you have skinning and/or herbalism and are on a server that is into achievements. Compare an hour to 20 minutes. Hmm. (Sure, the Argent Tourney probably pulls ahead in the long run cause you can buy and sell minipets, but come on, do you really want to go do the Argent Tourney stuff again?)

Now you have to be careful, of course, because you don’t want to oversaturate the market, but if you’re patient, you can always find someone who will pay top dollar for this stuff.

So yeah. Underbog. Burning Crusade’s Best Kept Secret. Much love. <3 (Or, you can go nuts and solo EVERYTHING like Rilgon, but not all of us have the T5 bonus *grumbles*)

* Note: the reason why I advocate stopping at the Naga Ramp is it means for the next little while of the instance, there are no Sanguine Hibiscus, no herbs, and nothing to skin. You start getting some again towards the end of the instance, but I think it’s quicker just to do the first half and then reset.

So, Kael'thas, We Meet Again

So you may remember this post of mine where I chronicled my attempts to solo Magister’s Terrace with a Windserpent, since I lacked a tenacity pet. I got rather far; to the pull right before the last boss himself.

Well now that I’ve actually gotten myself a tenacity pet, I’ve always aimed to go back and give it another shot. I was getting tired of waiting to get Bourne the Tortoise to level 80, so I went in today with him at level 77 and myself decked in a pet tanking spec and wearing some random PvP and Frost Resist gear that I had laying around to give both Bourne and I a stamina boost.

It was… ridiculously easy. I bashed through the place in about a half hour with few problems, in contrast to last time where it was a very long and very painstakingly cautious affair in order to keep my poor pet alive. Even the 5v5 event was much easier; I don’t think I ever dipped below 50% health.


Kael’thas himself was cake; once I figured out you had to kill the phoenix eggs (I’ve never done this before, remember? >.>) he went down relatively fast. My biggest issue was how fast I ran out of mana, and how long it took to kill things overall (when you’re spec’d for tanking, using a pet spec’d for tanking, geared and glyphed for tanking, etc…. it’s amazing how much your DPS falls.) I might just stick to my much more DPS-y Beast Master raid spec for my next attempt, maybe tacking on a Glyph of Mending to be safe.

Nothing fun dropped, unfortunately. And I didn’t realize there was a quest you have to do to become attuned for Heroic until after the whole thing was over… oops… so I’ll have to do it again sometime soon. Why? Cause you better believe I’m gonna attempt this thing on Heroic. The mount is, after all, quite awesome.

Solo Artist

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a necklace I wanted called Worgen Claw Necklace. It dropped off of Attumen, the first boss in Karazhan, and I wanted it because I was wearing one from Steamvaults or something.

Now I went to Karazhan a lot. Pretty much every week for several months. I loved that place, I never tired of it, not even long after I was Exalted with the Violet Eye. Still do love it, which I’m sure most of you know. But Worgen Claw Necklace never dropped. Not once.

Pretty soon, I didn’t need it anymore. I had a necklace from Heroic Slave Pens and eventually I had a badge necklace. (Never got the Shattered Sun necklace because I was Scryer and the Scryer version sucked.) Still, it became the principle of the thing. I saw Attumen drop everything else. I even saw the mount once. But never Worgen Claw Necklace.

I got my tree druid to 70 and started doing Kara when I could. You may be thinking, “Ha! It probably dropped when you were on your druid!” But you would be wrong. My druid never saw it either. She’s half way through Revered. I have never seen this thing drop.

And so a dream began to formulate in my head. Several months and an expansion later, Kill Bill-like, I knew what I had to do.

I must solo Attumen

I must get my necklace.

After several weeks of putting it off because I was attached to all my pets, I finally let my wolf go so I could obtain a tenacity pet. Because I was impatient, I got a worm, because there are some that are level 80 by default.

I got myself a pet-tanky spec, spec’d my pet a pet-tanky spec, and bought a shiny Glyph of Mending. Pretty soon my Mend Pet was healing for 2200 health a tick. Then I got into a raid group and headed off– just my worm and I– to Medivh’s tower.

The trash to Attumen is tricky. Pulls of two or three horses at a time, often with stable hands who heal and do fun things like that. So long as you know how to trap, pull and properly time your Feign Deaths, it’s not difficult, but it is time consuming and there were a couple of close calls.

Finally I was standing in front of Midnight. I braced myself and sent in my pet.

For about ten seconds, all was going well; Mend Pet was keeping Nachi the worm up. Then Attumen came out. Thunderstomp picked up aggro on him and I soon discovered that poor Nachi couldn’t dream of staving off both off with Mend Pet alone; Last Stand gave him a couple extra seconds but inevitably down he went.

I tried again and had a similar experience, and then trash began to respawn. See, let me tell you what the most frustrating thing about solo’ing Attumen is. It’s that it takes about twenty minutes to clear the trash, but thirty minutes to respawn. So you essentially have a ten minute window to make attempts on Attumen before they start respawning mid-boss-fight and coming to pwn you. Yeah, it sucks.

Anyways, feeling a bit miffed, I went and tried a few other solo’y things. I gave Onyxia a shot and managed to get her down to 40% three different times, but each time it wound up being not my pet who died, but me. Between whelps, random fireballs, and crap like that, and being limited to your one token potion, bandages, and Lifeblood, I couldn’t self-heal enough.

Then I went completely nuts and headed off to Molten Core. I quickly discovered that you can sneak past a good deal of the trash, and that which you can’t sneak past you can dispose of fairly easily. As such I made attempts on a few different bosses, and again, each time I was faced with the issue of the boss having some gimmick that would destroy me long before my pet was in any danger. (Why hello, Living Bomb, yes, I hate you too.)

Finally I went off to give Attumen one last shot, having tweaked my pet’s spec a little and having discovered some trick on YouTube where you could supposedly pull Midnight without pulling Attumen. Cleared the trash, made four unsuccessful attempts (maybe they hotfixed this?), and was more than willing to make more attempts but, you guessed it… trash respawns.

So I ended that little experiment and found myself wondering if it’s even possible for a hunter to solo Attumen without exploits or two pieces of T5.

Then I had another crazy thought. Turtles have a special move called Shell Shield. I found myself wondering if maybe, with a very well timed Shell Shield and Last Stand, and a “burn ’em down quick so they merge” technique… it might be possible.

And so, after bidding farewell to my worm… this is my new turtle (or as my inner pet store geek insists on calling him, tortoise). His name is Bourne which is short for Bourne Again Shell because I am a nerd.


Now I’ve just got to begin the process of leveling him up to 80 from 75.

I’ll be back, Attumen… you can’t sit on that necklace forever!

Blood Elves and Dragons and Kael'thas, Oh My!

I never did Magisters’ Terrace at level 70. I’m not really sure why, other than I was holding out for a while to see if I could go with some of my guildies (we all thought doing a new instance for the first time together sounded awesome), but it never materialized, and then by the time I thought about going ahead and PuG’ing it I would’ve felt silly saying “So by the way, I know WotLK is coming out in a month or two but I haven’t done this instance yet…”

So I never did it.

There is one thing Kael’thas drops though that I really want: a minipet. So after sitting around thinking “Man, I should really find a group to go help me grind MgT with” for weeks, I decided “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.”

Well, with your pet. But you know.

I had a couple things going against me. Lack of a Tenacity pet was a biggie (and my stable is full of pets that I… really don’t want to abandon), as was lack of a Super-Crazy-Pet-Tanking spec. But hey, you can always try, right?

I picked Eltanin, my Windserpent– a cunning pet– to be my companion on this experiment. I figured he would be a better choice than any of my Ferocities. Once out of the stable, I spec’d him into everything like Great Stamina and Cornered, and then headed off!

First boss was cake, even using my Beast Master glass cannon raid spec. He’s basically Warlord Kalithresh Redux if you don’t know how the fight goes (though it occurs to me that most of you who don’t know how the fight goes probably haven’t done Warlord Kalithresh either…)


Second boss was Curator Redux, aaaaand I soon realized I couldn’t do it with aforementioned Beast Master glass cannon raid spec. The solution? Hearthed out to Stormwind, spec’d into Super-Crazy-Pet-Tanking spec and bought a Glyph of Mending, and came back and tried again. He still put up a pretty big challenge and there was a point where I had to Distracting Shot pull + kite the guy for a while, to give Eltanin some extra Mend Pet time, but it all worked out in the end.


The next guy… isn’t a boss. But he’s hot, so I’m posting his picture anyway.

Toldja he's hot

Third boss… oh gosh, how do I describe this. Close your eyes and imagine five guys plus a couple of pets and demons, all lined up in a row. And one of them heals, a lot. It’s like the twisted lovechild of Illidari Council and Moroes. Now imagine you’re by yourself. /gulp

The first attempt was a spectacular wipe, and then a little thought occured to me: hey, this is just like PvP. I should forget about doing the pet-tanking thing, and just burst-damage everyone to death. Plus, Aimed Shot would sure come in handy against that healer…

And so I did something nuts. I switched over to my Marksmanship dual-spec, and respec’d Eltanin to maximize my own survivability with things like Roar of Sacrifice. I basically pretended like I was spec’ing him for Alterac Valley or something.

Then I put a Frost Trap down, waited for the cooldown, and pulled…


OHYEAH! Combination of Frost Trap kiting, Feign Deaths and Readiness, that. /phew

By that point, I was feeling confident. I was on a roll, I’d just killed this boss fight that had looked near impossible on the surface, and there was only one boss left: Kael’thas himself.

But then there was something I wasn’t banking on.


These guys. They are all standing right in front of Kael’thas and if you don’t kill them all in one sitting, they all respawn.

Did I mention that they do this thing where they stun you and put stupidly painful DoTs on you? And do this explosion thing? It’s like being ambushed by a rogue, warlock, and mage. At the same time. All in some little room where getting range is almost impossible. Yeeeeah. I apologize in advance for the nightmares you’ll have about it tonight.

Needless to say I pulled out all the stops on this battle. I tried everything. I tried Beast Mastery, I tried Marksmanship, I tried kiting them to a more open area, heck, I even tried Frost Trap -> Volley -> Feign Death -> Frost Trap -> Volley. No dice.

…then, after about nine or ten wipes and a repair break, I found out you can sneak past them and get to Kael’thas! For a brief moment I had a glimmer of hope restored to my eye!

Got Kael’thas down to about 50% and then the Fantastic Five (or Six, or however many there were in that group) decided it would be really funny to aggro and go Jackson Pollock on my butt. I Feigned to reset the fight and tried again, but same deal.

So, for the time being, I will have to concede that Magister’s Terrace is prrrroooobably not solo’able without a Tenacity pet to Thunderstomp that last pull and keep them off of you. If you can figure out a way to do it otherwise, please tell me, because for the time being it looks like I may have to vote one of my pets off the island return one of my pets to the wilderness and obtain a Tenacity pet in order to conclude what I started.

Next time, mister… next time.