So, Kael'thas, We Meet Again

So you may remember this post of mine where I chronicled my attempts to solo Magister’s Terrace with a Windserpent, since I lacked a tenacity pet. I got rather far; to the pull right before the last boss himself.

Well now that I’ve actually gotten myself a tenacity pet, I’ve always aimed to go back and give it another shot. I was getting tired of waiting to get Bourne the Tortoise to level 80, so I went in today with him at level 77 and myself decked in a pet tanking spec and wearing some random PvP and Frost Resist gear that I had laying around to give both Bourne and I a stamina boost.

It was… ridiculously easy. I bashed through the place in about a half hour with few problems, in contrast to last time where it was a very long and very painstakingly cautious affair in order to keep my poor pet alive. Even the 5v5 event was much easier; I don’t think I ever dipped below 50% health.


Kael’thas himself was cake; once I figured out you had to kill the phoenix eggs (I’ve never done this before, remember? >.>) he went down relatively fast. My biggest issue was how fast I ran out of mana, and how long it took to kill things overall (when you’re spec’d for tanking, using a pet spec’d for tanking, geared and glyphed for tanking, etc…. it’s amazing how much your DPS falls.) I might just stick to my much more DPS-y Beast Master raid spec for my next attempt, maybe tacking on a Glyph of Mending to be safe.

Nothing fun dropped, unfortunately. And I didn’t realize there was a quest you have to do to become attuned for Heroic until after the whole thing was over… oops… so I’ll have to do it again sometime soon. Why? Cause you better believe I’m gonna attempt this thing on Heroic. The mount is, after all, quite awesome.

13 thoughts on “So, Kael'thas, We Meet Again”

  1. I know what you’re thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a setback!

    Also I found it honestly just as easy to ignore the phoenix eggs.

  2. I love soloing MgT, although I can’t solo heroic as a druid 🙁 We run it daily if the instance servers let us… the orb of the sin’dorei, the pheonix hatchling, and the mount make it worth it. I’m at 2/3 still though.

  3. Pretty sweet, Pike.

    What do you think accounted for the major difference between your first attempt and this one? Pet avoidance? How much incoming dps was your pet tanking on the group before Kael?

  4. @ Jarnow – to be completely honest it’s not so much that I *need* lots of DPS to solo, so much as I am just impatient… >.>

  5. Nice job, Tawyn. 😀
    But you know you don’t HAVE to solo anything.
    If you ever need heals, you know who to call! 😀


  6. I dunno, I tried to solo H-MgT at 80 with my rhino tanking, and I could *not* keep him alive. The amount of damage they pump out is so much higher on heroic mode, even with my T5 set (that I was wearing for the pet healing bonus) I couldn’t keep up. However, now that I’m reading these extreme soloing pages I may have to go give it another shot.

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