Note To Script Kiddie

My site was defaced in the wee hours of the morning last night. Fortunately, the attacker had no idea what he was doing so all my stuff was pretty much still there. If you do see any issues, please let me know via e-mail, Twitter, comments, etc. ^_^ Here is a special note to the offender, though:

Dear Cute Widdle Newbface,

If you are gonna mess with my site at least be honest and call yourself the script kiddie that you are and stop trying to pretend that you are “hacking” something. Cause, um, you aren’t. You can stop pretending you’re cool now. Your attempt was kind of cute though, I suppose. *pats on the head*

<3, Pike

WELL, now that that’s taken care of, be sure to go check out OutDPS today. There is a new podcast up and it includes an interview with yours truly! =D

18 thoughts on “Note To Script Kiddie”

  1. I can’t imagine Pike having made anyone mad enough to do something like that. Little guy musta just been really really bored and/or stupid.

  2. @ Petal – From what I could tell, it wasn’t that I made someone “mad”, it was that somebody was upset about some sort of political thing going on in Iraq and decided that defacing random sites was the best way to take out their anger.

    Yeah, I dunno. XD

  3. @ Euripides – I had a blast, thanks for having me on the show!

    @ Gevlon – I do make regular backups of all my posts and everything. However, putting them on a separate storage medium is a good idea. *will look into that*

  4. Alot of these type of things seems to be happening lately. It must just be some jerk-face (censoring myself) who is just dying for some internet-attention. I LOL’d at the note.

    Glad your stuff is still intact =)

  5. Remind me never to upset Pike. I’m not certain I could stand to be the subject of that much condescending sarcasm!

    Not that he didn’t fully deserve it…

  6. I love your response to the Kiddie. You were really pretty gentle, in a brutally sarcastic sort of way. If you wanted to make any of the identifying information of the Kiddie available here, I’m sure some of your less gentle readers would be happy to unleash Bestial Wrath upon Kiddie’s computer…

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