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Flashback Friday: Remember Sneaking Into the Badlands as Horde For That Flight Point?

Kids these days and their flight points that let them fly from Undercity to Booty Bay and vice versa.  Back in MY DAY if we wanted to do that we had to connect flight points in between, and the big one was Kargath in Badlands.  If you didn’t have it you were stuck with the zeppelin to get from Undercity to Booty Bay.  And no one wants that.

Oh, and you had to go through Loch Modan to get it.  Loch Modan!  As a Horde player!  Uphill both ways!

Cranky_Kong_DKCRLemme just say that I’m glad you don’t have to go through that rigamarole anymore.  I don’t think my old bones could handle it.  Yup, I am old and casual these days.

Yup this is my super important blog post topic for the day.  Don’tcha just love my blog and how it always discusses critical topics?  …hey, where are you going?

Flashback Friday: Do You Recall When Leveling Took Forever?

I leveled my first character to max before any of the many assorted nerfs to leveling that inevitably followed.  Do you know how long it took?  Well, let’s just say that I started playing that character in May and I hit the then level-cap of 70 in December.  That’s uh… that’s seven months.  And I was playing quite a bit.

These days, however, leveling is astoundingly easy.  Not only have there been multiple nerfs to the leveling process, but heirlooms and various other things exist to make your grind as quick and painless as possible.  As someone who has been playing this game for years, I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty good.  But sometimes I look back on spending a month just to gain ten levels and I… oh no, who am I kidding, there is basically nothing I miss about that.

"You... you mean I have to spend HOW LONG in Stranglethorn Vale?  And on a PvP server??"
“You… you mean I have to spend HOW LONG in Stranglethorn Vale? And on a PvP server??”

BONUS NOSTALGIA: Remembering the days after Blizzard started to nerf player leveling requirements but didn’t re-tune pet leveling so if you wanted to level more than one pet at once as a hunter you had to sleep outside and forego rested experience.  …what, I can’t possibly be the only person who did that, right?

So yeah.  Old school leveling.  How long did it take YOU to do it?

Flashback Friday: The COOLEST Raid I Never Did

So I mentioned this in my last post, but in case you missed it, I basically didn’t play Cataclysm.  That also means I didn’t do any of the Cataclysm raids until like… last week.  Most of the Cata raids I’ve duo’d so far weren’t particularly exciting aesthetic wise (although we certainly did have some… fun… with Deathwing’s Spine), but there was one that knocked my socks off and made me wish I had done it back when it was current.

And that’s fecking Blackwing Descent.

You know what’s great?  Dorfs.  (Note: “Dorfs” is the preferred way to say “Dwarves”.)


I have always been one of maybe three people I know of who like BRD, and watching Desolation of Smaug was a real treat because it was basically Awesome Underground Dorf Lava City: The Motion Picture.

Are you guys looking at this?  P.S. the world may never know whether running BRD or watching a Peter Jackson movie is longer.
Are you guys looking at this? P.S. the world may never know whether running BRD or watching a Peter Jackson movie is longer.

Blackrock Descent is MAD SCIENTISTS IN AN UNDERGROUND DORF CITY, and it is marvelous.  Oh it’s so good.  Best aesthetic in a raid since forever.  Look at this and tell me this isn’t great:

Is this not, like, the best thing you’ve ever seen in a raid?  …no?  It’s just me?

Okay, fine.  It’s just me.  But the rest of you guys need to learn to appreciate the finer points of dorf culture.  For starters, do YOU need alcohol to get through the working day?  Because that’s just Dorfs 101.

Flashback Friday: Nexus Prince Sexy Voice

Mana Tombs was one of those weird instances that no one in my guild ever really ran for whatever reason.  Kind of like Auchenai Crypts, or Blood Furnace.  No, we were always busy doing Heroic Underbog, Ramps, or Mech.  If you were like me, or if you never did run this instance, then boy, you’re in for a treat.  Presenting Nexus Prince Shaffar, whose voice is guaranteed to get 99% of people – of any gender – all hot and bothered:

Yes, yes please DO tend to me personally, Shaffar.

FUN FACT: Voiced by the talented Cam Clarke, who is also Medivh, the male Blood Elf, Leonardo in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid.  His Blood Elf voice and his Liquid Snake voice are one and the same, by the way, which is kind of hilarious.