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Tanaan Jungle Basically Did Dailies the Right Way

I’m not a huge fan of trillions of dailies which is probably why I only played MoP for like two months.  I mean, yeah, we all did them back on the Isle of Quel’danas in TBC and whatever and it was all well and good.  But that was then and this is now.  And now I’ve definitely had my dailies fix for a lifetime.

Actual picture of my mind when I got to level 90 in MoP and there were dailies everywhere.
Actual picture of the inside of my mind when I got to level 90 in MoP and there were dailies everywhere.

But I really like how WoD has done it.  You only get a couple!  And they’re like… “freeform” so can improvise on them a little!  You know, pair this up with that today, and pair that up with this tomorrow, and so on.

I dig it.  I dig it a lot.  The one thing I do wish that Blizzard included was more of a story, the way they did with the Dominance Offensive in MoP.  I mean, I guess there’s kind of a story there but I don’t think it was pulled off as well.  And besides, WoD’s story isn’t super engaging to me anyway (it’s one of the few aspects of this expansion that I find truly lackluster.)

Anyways, I realize that this expansion hasn’t exactly had a lot of fans but I hope that Blizzard doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to future expansions!

What are your thoughts on the dailies this time around?

Let’s Fix Dailies.

Yes, another post already!

I don’t think I worded my last post the way I wanted to. I knew it was kind of a wonky post as I was writing it but then I hit “Publish” anyway. Ah well. The ultimate point that I was trying to make is that for a player like me, the current rep system works, but what may work for me probably does not work for everyone. Furthermore I was trying to point out that, well, dailies have always been boring.

This is why we should fix the system entirely. Screw bandaid fixes. The whole idea of dailies needs to be scrapped, as far as I’m concerned. We need to come up with something new. I’m not sure what, though.

That’s where you come in.

The magic question is: how do we go about making a system that is okay for all tiers of players and also not boring? Or should we get rid of “gates” like that entirely?

What do you think?

Let’s fix this.

Pikestaff Productions Presents: JOUST! The Motion Picture Event


…not that Joust. It was a really good game though. I miss my Commodore 64.

Nah, I went ahead and made a how-to movie about jousting since a lot of commenters seem to have questions on it or problems with it!

Now I have to admit, I’ve had the idea to make a movie cooking in my brain for a little while now, but I’ve seen at least three or four other “How to Joust” posts complete with movies floating around the WoWosphere already, so I figured I didn’t want to overload it. But then I thought… what the heck. So here you go. Jousting, Pike-style, complete with commentary! (Turn YouTube annotations on if you can’t see them.)

By the way, the song is amazing.

As always, lemme know if you have questions/comments/issues/etc., and click on through to YouTube if you want to watch the High Quality version~ (it’s in WoWoscope Widescreen!)

Aces High!: A Quick Guide

Okay so this isn’t exactly hunter related, but I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how much they hate this daily quest and since it’s one of my favorite dailies ever, I figured I’d let you guys in on my secret.


For starters, Aces High! is a quest and subsequent daily quest that becomes available to you at level 80. It’s in Coldarra and you need a flying mount to get up to where the quest giver is. This quest is basically about flying around on a dragon and shooting fireballs at other dragons.

“Oh that’s easy”, you may be thinking by now. “I’ve done that Defending Wyrmrest Temple a million times. This’ll be cake.”

Yeah, if you’re anything like me, you’re in for a very unpleasant surprise followed by vowing to never do this quest again.

See, the mechanics of this one are very different. Fortunately once you get the hang of it, as I finally did, it’s not that bad and actually becomes pretty fun.

This quest is very much based on HoTs, DoTs, and stacking them to open up and power up other moves. But you can pretty easily work yourself into a little rhythm to ensure you have little to no issues. Here’s how:

Your action bar will look something like this:


The first button is going to be your bread’n’butter Fireball move (called Flame Spike) that you have to stack to unleash…
The second button which you will use at the end of your Fireball stacking.
The third button is your HoT which you will want to stack on yourself throughout the duration of the fight.
The fourth button is a big heal which requires combo points done by your Fireball. I only use it in an emergency (and I usually don’t have to use it at all.)
The fifth button is a protective shield which you will be using sometimes when the dragon you are fighting does a certain move. You need combo points from your Fireball to use it. More on that later.
And the sixth button increases your speed and I only use it if I’m outnumbered and need to escape.

Before we begin, you will want to go into the interface menu and enable “Auto Self Cast”. This will make your life five million times easier. Yes yes, I know, I have an addon that lets me right click to self cast too. But it probably won’t work with this one. In fact, a lot of addons interfere with this quest, so be on the lookout.

And now we’re ready to begin!

The first thing I do is stack about five HoTs on myself. Just hit ‘3’ on your keyboard five times. While you’re doing this you can be flying around to find a dragon to fight, try to find one sort of on the edge so you don’t have to go into a big group of them.

Found a dragon? Tag him by pressing ‘1’. Now press it three or four more times (to stack it up), and then hit ‘2’ to trigger your big DoT. Then hit ‘3’ five times again to stack up your HoT again, and… that is how you do it. 3-3-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-2-repeat!


There is one other thing you have to look out for which I alluded to before. Sometimes the dragon is going to start doing a move called “Arcane Surge”. This move does a LOT of damage. Keep a careful eye on his portrait and when you see him start to cast it, toss up a few Fireballs (if you haven’t already) to get a combo chain started and then hit ‘5’ or press the appropriate button on the action bar. It will “bubble” you for a few seconds depending on how many Fireballs you had up. Typically I’m doing my spell rotation with my keyboard while I have my hand on the mouse hovering over that Flame Shield button so I can hit it quickly.

Beyond that, just use your big heal in the event of an emergency or your dash if you get outnumbered, and you should be good to go! This quest will give you 250 rep with Wyrmrest Accord every day and also give you lots of practice for the Malygos fight which will include a phase where you are riding a dragon and the controls are identical to the controls in this daily. So as you can see, if you are a raider, then practicing this quest a couple times is pretty much a “must”. Really it’s pretty easy once you figure it out and honestly I think it’s a ton of fun and I look forward to it every day because I’m a dork.

Okay, that’s all for now. I ding’d 25 today in real life, sadly this means I have no new skills to train but maybe I’ll get to open up a treasure box or two. Epics ahoy!