Tanaan Jungle Basically Did Dailies the Right Way

I’m not a huge fan of trillions of dailies which is probably why I only played MoP for like two months.  I mean, yeah, we all did them back on the Isle of Quel’danas in TBC and whatever and it was all well and good.  But that was then and this is now.  And now I’ve definitely had my dailies fix for a lifetime.

Actual picture of my mind when I got to level 90 in MoP and there were dailies everywhere.
Actual picture of the inside of my mind when I got to level 90 in MoP and there were dailies everywhere.

But I really like how WoD has done it.  You only get a couple!  And they’re like… “freeform” so can improvise on them a little!  You know, pair this up with that today, and pair that up with this tomorrow, and so on.

I dig it.  I dig it a lot.  The one thing I do wish that Blizzard included was more of a story, the way they did with the Dominance Offensive in MoP.  I mean, I guess there’s kind of a story there but I don’t think it was pulled off as well.  And besides, WoD’s story isn’t super engaging to me anyway (it’s one of the few aspects of this expansion that I find truly lackluster.)

Anyways, I realize that this expansion hasn’t exactly had a lot of fans but I hope that Blizzard doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to future expansions!

What are your thoughts on the dailies this time around?

2 thoughts on “Tanaan Jungle Basically Did Dailies the Right Way”

  1. I haven’t yet had time to start doing the Tanaan Jungle dailies. Real life has been very time consuming lately. However, all in all, I absolutely hate endgame in WoD. It turned me off much quicker than Cataclysm did, and if not for the weekly mount runs in Ulduar/ICC, and my manic pet collecting, I might stop playing for another year or so.

    The primary reason for this is… No dailies!!!

    I started playing in WoTLK and once I hit 80, I started doing dailies like crazy. Making alts, too, and doing dailies on them. I had Crusader on 4 characters (!), Argent Tournament was my favorite hub, but I often did 25 dailies a day on my main (it was a good way to make money, too).

    I like dailies, because they’re structured, organized. You know what to do, you know what to expect. To some people it might be boring and repetitive, to me it’s very relaxing.

    WoD introduced something which, on the other hand, I utterly hate: grinds. Grinds here, grinds there. Grind for rep, grind for gear, grind for everything. Of course, this means you can hit exalted with a faction in one day if you’re utterly mad and grind all day, and that’s part of the problem. With dailies you can assign, say, half an hour a day and then you simply can’t do more, and can take care of other stuff in your life. With grinding you don’t have such limits, you need to impose them onto yourself, and it’s easy to go overboard and simply become tired.

    So I am looking forward to Tanaan dailies, and I hope I’ll find the time to do them. Perhaps it will bring some joy back into the game for me.

    For now, my appetite for dailies has been satisfied with pet dailies in MoP. They’re an awesome way to level alts 90-100, and that’s how I leveled more than 10 characters now (a full set of MoP pet dailies at lvl 90, including the Pandaren Spirits, gives approximately 40% of a level, down to about 25-30% at lvl 97+, it also lets you level about 1 and a half a pet from 1 to 25 with Safari Hat). Unfortunately, I now have 17 lvl 100s, and all my pets are at lvl 25…

  2. I loved the MoP dailies. Their only flaw was that initially there were way too many, leading to people doing too many of them, and hating them. If they’d been introduced in different stages, people would have liked them better. But other than that, I really enjoyed them. They gave you a reason to be out and about in Pandaria, and provided great lore moments. The Dominance Offensive from 5.1 was the pinnacle, dailies done right, with copious lore quests in stages.

    At the end of MoP came Timeless Isle, and I hated it. When I read that Tanaan Jungle was WoD’s version of Timeless Isle, I went all sadface and decided that I had no interest in coming back. Maybe I am too German for this game now, because I like questing, but I don’t like the progress bar kind of Apexis daily that WoD brought to the table.

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