Let’s Fix Dailies.

Yes, another post already!

I don’t think I worded my last post the way I wanted to. I knew it was kind of a wonky post as I was writing it but then I hit “Publish” anyway. Ah well. The ultimate point that I was trying to make is that for a player like me, the current rep system works, but what may work for me probably does not work for everyone. Furthermore I was trying to point out that, well, dailies have always been boring.

This is why we should fix the system entirely. Screw bandaid fixes. The whole idea of dailies needs to be scrapped, as far as I’m concerned. We need to come up with something new. I’m not sure what, though.

That’s where you come in.

The magic question is: how do we go about making a system that is okay for all tiers of players and also not boring? Or should we get rid of “gates” like that entirely?

What do you think?

Let’s fix this.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Fix Dailies.”

  1. One way to fix dailys is the way quests are handled in The Secret World. The main story line and investigation quests are non-repeatable but all others have a cooldown of less than a day. Think of all the quests in some zones in WoW that you enjoyed and then how much it fun it would be to do them again, Gnomebliteration comes to mind.

  2. Dailies, in and of themselves, are not problematic. For example, I did not mind the Isle of Quel’danas. It was quick, it was profitable, and it was a very small area to perform them, meaning that there is not loads of downtime running between quest to quest, even if you couldn’t fly.

    The problem comes when you gate required things – enchantments, valor point gear, raid-tier enchanting formulae, etc. – behind these dailies and fail to provide a short-circuit path that is not financially intensive. Yes, everyone needed Sons of Hodir at Exalted, but everyone could also get that from the opening quest chain and roughly 30 Emblems of Valor, for example.

    That’s what the big disconnect is with Mists – you pretty much need Revered with the Shado-pan for the fantastic trinkets from them (unless you have the obscene amount of gold required for a DMF trinket), which is both multiple weeks of dailies itself and gated behind yet another reputation that you need Revered with. It’s mental.

  3. That’s the problem. It’s essentially double gating. I can run dungeons (which I love) and get all the valor I want, but I can’t use that valor because I don’t have reputation with the right faction. I’m one of our guilds main tanks, so i get asked for runs all the time. I have to say no to my guild mates because I have to do dailies to use the valor points.

    Just don’t double gate content. Rep rewards should be for rep, and valor point rewards for valor. Don’t require both.

  4. I don’t think dailies are the problem, it’s making them the only way to gain rep that’s the problem. What about bringing back tabards, but making them only work until revered?

  5. I’m fine with dailies existing. When I’m as raid-ready as I need to be and just looking for something to do to keep playing the game, dailies are great as filler content that will eventually reward me with something cool. I also don’t have any issue with dailies as a gear progression path– casual players like leet epics too.

    It’s that they went out of their way to nerf Heroics [the content I did enjoy] down to an equivalent level of grind.

    Right now, Heroics are (a) a lot less fun due to now being ridiculously easy, (b) three times grindy-er due to only providing a small fraction of the Valor they used to, and (c) no longer a source of reputation gains. So I still have to do dailies anyway.

    Basically what Honorshammer above said with the double-gating. I was talking with my boyfriend about this a while ago: he prefers to do dailies and is annoyed that he can’t just buy gear at exalted because it all requires Valor. I enjoy dungeons but I can’t spend my Valor on the things I want because I haven’t grinded 600 dailies to get the required rep. Neither of us is satisfied with the current system, but for completely opposite reasons.

  6. As others said, I don’t mind dailies in general. They’re basically repeatable quests except they can only be done once a day.

    The problem is double gating raid items, more like triple gating for Shado-Pan and August Celestials, particularly when dailies lack a catch-up mechanism. So if you miss a day, you can’t make it up, even if you have 6 hours to spare another day.

    If the dailies for the big four didn’t even unlock until week 2-3 there would be far less of an issue. If you were serious about raiding you couldn’t possibly get them in time for them to matter. Still would have had Cloud Serpent, Tillers, and Anglers.

  7. I’d just be repeating what everyone else said above if this went beyond one sentence, so just: ungate the Valor vendor again, like he was in Cata.

  8. I must apologize, someone mentioned Pike in general wow forums and I was like Oh I have not visited it a couple of years:(

    I am generally OK with dailies I do a dozen without blinking, Then I get to buggy daily and die over and over or can’t find mobs or waiting on respawn or ferocious competition and its arrgh why am I doing dailies. Having said that I am coming to the end, All my reps are at least well into revered and as of this week their are only a few minor upgrades left for my main spec from valor.

    But the overally regimented feel of mop bugs me. So many rules to encourage me into blizzards version of the correct play style.

    1 Heroic a day, then reduced reward.1 scenario reward a day then reduced reward. A pittance of valor from killing raid bosses that so small I normally don’t worry about it and valor cap before I raid.

    If you have Golden lotus dailies in your log they disappear on reset even if completed, same for august celestials but only sometimes and you never know when. On a day like today when I have nothing much to do I like to get a start on the next week’s daily but I can’t 🙁 Made worse by the fact that with maintenance I won’t have a lot of time tomorrow. So I will have a mad dash of trying to do dailys and heroics and lfr and raid all in a few short hours.

    Then you have the +50% valor on alts if you are already capped on your main, great but how it feels in practice is if your already have 500-600 valor on your main for the week you should probably cap it before you play alts .

    Sometimes all I want to do is hop on and do a few pet battles or pvp a bit. But its not “efficient” so I don’t, Yes its my choice, but my choice within the framework of rules that blizzard has established.

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