The Most Important Feature Missing From Garrisons

Blizzard successfully managed to put just about anything your character could ever need into Garrisons.  There are even outhouses so you can answer nature’s call in private.

H… hey… I was here first! Excuse you!

But you know what Garrisons are missing?

A bed.   Seriously.  Where is your character supposed to sleep?  The floor?

WoWScrnShot_030915_130312Your followers get all those little cots in the Barracks, at least, but can your character fit in one?  Of course not.  Sorry Althalor, it’s the floor for you.  At least he’s used to getting the short end of every stick.  Poor guy.

So yeah.  Beds.  Get on it, Blizzard.

6 thoughts on “The Most Important Feature Missing From Garrisons”

  1. Alliance garrison is a lot nicer than horde side, which is disappointing. There’s even a nice fireplace with chairs in front of it.

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