Hey, hey guys, question.

Am I the only person who has never, ever been bothered by the roaring log-in screen dragon? I mean really. It’s not that loud. (At least it’s not on my computer.) And it’s kind of cool.

…I mean, I know I’m also the weirdo that is too lazy to turn on Instant Quest Text, and who had the profanity filter on for like three years because… well, for the same reason. The lazy thing. (Besides, when I talk, it’s usually like Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh. And when other people talk you can figure out what they’re actually saying through context, it’s not that difficult.)

Heck, let’s make a list.


1.) Log-in Screen Dragon

2.) Slow Quest Text
3.) Profanity Filter

…and for good measure, let’s toss in


1.) Not having at least one point in Improved Mend Pet because having debuffs on my pet make me go ASDGIHWEIOATJSKGH *panicflail*
2.) Tiger mounts, because they still remind me of Lisa Frank stickers and three-ring binders.
3.) Logging out with unused healthstones. I just feel bad because the warlock went through all that trouble to make healthstones and then you just forget about it. Seriously, I NEVER REMEMBER to use the stupid healthstone. Sometimes, before logging out, I’ll go hurl myself off of a cliff somewhere so I can take damage just so I can use the healthstone. Hey, I never said I made sense.

21 thoughts on “Hey, hey guys, question.”

  1. Things that annoy everyone else but me:
    1) the corpse run back to blackrock depths: I always loved racing people back.
    2) Halls of Stone: people don’t know about my teleport out/in trick to save running time between the brann event and the last boss

    Things that annoy me but not everyone else:
    1) not putting max points into any one talent (I’m an all or nothing type of person, for some reason)
    2) the red mechanostrider
    3) The bloodlust sound.

  2. No your not the only one. The ding on the launcher is mighty annoying.

    Things that annoy me, but not everyone else:
    Ret pallies. Just period.
    Not putting max points in talents. I believe its OCD.
    Spirit beasts, and how they are nothing more then novelty. (That heal is terrible now. no DPS increase = fail)

    Things that don’t annoy me but annoy others:
    Forgetting Cooldowns. (BW is the only one I remember to, most times I have to macro them all together)
    Blood elves.

  3. Sindragosa never bothered me, because… I’m deaf. XD

    Wait, profanity filter annoys people? o.O

    When I started in 2005, I turned it on, and left it on ever since. I just don’t like cussing, that’s who I am.

    Now, about things that annoys everyone else but not me:

    -The so-called “dumbing down” of the game. I like that it’s more accessible for new players!
    -Corpse runs – heck, any long runs. Being a vanilla player, I’m used to the long runs.
    -Any “annoying” sounds in-game doesn’t bother me. ;D

    Things that annoys me:

    -Not being able to put in max points into talents (it drives me crazy to see a green number rather a yellow), but I’ve long since learned to ignore it.
    -Dying. I hate dying – I just do. I don’t mind being a ghost, but it’s dying that I hate. At level 80, I currently have something less than 200 deaths – and amusingly enough, half of them were from fall damage.
    -Logging out somewhere not in an inn. While clearly sometimes I log out in the world when in a hurry, I’m obsessive about logging out in an inn.

  4. Nope, those three things never bothered me. I like the slow text! And I’ve never turned my profanity filter off. There was a joke in one of my previous guilds about how I can possible understand them all with the filter on.

    Oddly enough, Sindragosa’s “Your magic, it betrays you!” scream never bothered me either, though a lot of people groan about it.

  5. “Am I the only person who has never, ever been bothered by the roaring log-in screen dragon?”

    Once, immediately after installing Wrath. “Holy crap, a dragon!” The novelty wore off fast.

  6. Nope, not just you. The roaring dragon didn’t bother me at Wrath launch, doesn’t bother me 6 weeks out from the end of Wrath.

    Really I think some people just like to complain.

  7. Heh, the login dragon never really irritates me except when I have the game running in the background. I never had a problem with the profanity filter either until it reached the point where certain sentences were more ‘filter’ than plain text and I couldn’t follow conversations properly.

    As for things that irritate me, I have to agree with Watermist. I always log out in an Inn or city. I’m level 80. I can’t even USE rested bonus!

    @Kitsuno: No pets have DPS increasing abilities now! Hunter pet DPS is standardised.

  8. It’s funny how so many people absolutely HATE the sound of a gun being fired in the game. For me, it’s oddly satisfying. I suspect it has to do with Cialbi being a dwarf. If I hear the loud blasts of a gun, then I know that I’m shooting something (whether I want tot or not!). Add on top of that a large number of pet noises and sound effects that tick everyone off but myself. I guess it’s a bit inconsiderate to bring a Devilsaur instead of a Wolf if someone is irritated by the stomping sound, yet that won’t stop me from bringing out Thorigarr.

    I’m with you on iMend Pet, Pike. I probably don’t need it now, given how powerful Mend Pet has become, but I still keep a point in there instead of a DPS talent in my soloing build.

    Oh, the login dragon – Sindragosa is simply telling me that my stupid computer finally loaded the login screen! How thoughtful of that undead wyrm.

  9. @Cialbi: Yes, that! I had several ranged types that wouldn’t stand near me in the past because I’m a dwarf, and I use a gun.

    When I had to swap to using a bow, I actually had a hard time making the transition as I was used to the gunshots punctuating my actions. For a while I was applying serpent sting 3 times to each target because I thought it hadn’t gone off…

  10. I’ve never heard of people complaining about the log in screen dragon, surprised its even possible… I’ll miss it when it changes. I don’t read quests so slow text is so not an option. Profanity filter ehh theres an option to toggle so why is there any annoyance at all? I feel ya on the tiger mounts. But I so do not get the lazy not turning off/on stuff in your options. I’d call that stubbornness not laziness because if you can blog about it…

  11. Three Things everyone else but me seems to be annoyed by…
    the ICC phasing
    running around without a mount at low-levels
    the Hallow’s End pet drop rate this year

    Three Things that do annoy me (that I’ve never heard anyone else complain about)
    The location of Toshley’s station
    Brann talking at the start of lootship (my brain thinks flame leviathan for a second, every time, and it annoys the heck out of me)
    the lack of healing trinkets in ICC 10

    1. The Barrens (Am I really the only one that likes the Barrens and is unhappy about Deathwing tearing it apart? Really?)
    2. the music in WoW. everyone I play with turns it off… “Oh! I LOVE the music in Ghostlands!”… “What music?”
    3. gathering professions (i can mine for DAYS!)

    1. Lady Deathwhispers nails-on-a-chalk board, “can’t we turn this off?” screeching before the fight.
    2. yep. the sound of a gun being fired.
    3. forgetting to leave the raid before logging out

  13. Spending time doing various questchains in Storm Peaks, I grew to really enjoy the music in that region. I even set my sound options to loop the background music.

    As for guns, it’s a pretty universal pet peeve among players actually. There are several addons that replace the gun firing sound with various soundfiles. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/silencer.aspx seems to be the most promising, with other addons including http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/gun-click.aspx and http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/schniddabow.aspx

  14. Top things in WoW that annoy me but nobody else:

    1. How you can never do anything to break the siege at The Dark Portal. Seriously, can’t we just stop it for like a half hour?

    2. Those damn lvl 30 elite sharks sharks off the coast of every lvl 20 zone.

    3. How Hawk Eye doesn’t work like Far Sight; why can’t my hunter see forever into restricted zones like Hyjal?

    Top things in WoW that annoy everybody but me:

    1. The Headless Horseman’s yell. After the 100th time: “I will send you myself to the endless dark!” makes you wish it were November already. If only it didn’t go through the whole dang zone.

    2. Everlook. It’s cool and all, but why oh why are these tropical species of goblins up in the arctic for absolutely no reason, with no jackets?!?

    3. On that note, QUEST LINES THAT END HALFWAY THROUGH!!! RIP, Sunken Temple Dragon, whose quest line to save you from endless nightmarish torment ends unceremoniously in the most remote shack that Winterspring has to offer.

    That’s all I got.

  15. 1. No, doesn’t annoy.
    2. Yes, it annoys. /shrug I’m a speed reader so it hurts my eyes to have to dart back and forth, back and forth to get the meaning of the quest text.
    3. No, not really. Haven’t used it, though.

    1. Powerlevelling. ’nuff said.
    2. QQers… I mean, really, life is too short even in WoW, why must the most important dialogue always be a complaint?
    3. No real roleplaying in the game.

  16. Oh, top 3 things in WoW that DOESN’T annoy me…

    … ahem:
    1. Slow levelling. It makes me feel like my toon is actually alive, not just some batch of pixels used to make DPS or healing numbers pop up on screen.
    2. Quest chains.
    3. Attunement.

  17. Haha… The article and responses are a riot.

    I do like the HHM laugh… and get a kick out of the “come back here you idiot” line. As for the gun sound = the sound of productivity.

  18. I, like most probably, thought the Sindragosa login screen was awesome initially. Then for a time I hated it because it was so loud. Now, I race the dragon to login. Gotta username, password, and authenticator all before she comes to assault my ears!!

    The one thing that always bothers me, and that immediately gets turned off is the error speech. I have a bad tendency to keep button mashing while jousting or bootlegging beer in Dun Morough, so it gets old quick. Although, the dwarves “Not ready yet” is acceptable.

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