World of WarCute Avatars: Now on Sale!

Interested in having your very own customized World of WarCute avatar? (aka, a cute-ification of your character? Or pretty much anything else, for that matter?)

You know, somethin’ like this:

Well, here’s the deal. For those not in the know, I recently moved out of state due to a long and convoluted series of events that was mostly out of my hands. I had to (reluctantly) give up my job, and I have had no luck finding a new one thus far.

Aaaaand I’m super broke.


I am now offering World of WarCute avatars for $6 USD a piece, which is cheaper than their previous price of $10. You may ask why I’m lowering the price– well, I’m hoping that potentially being able to lure in more customers this way (or get orders for multiple avatars) will ultimately be more profitable. Who knows though, I’m not a finance major. (Actually I majored in filmmaking. Hence why I’m broke. Woo!)

If (and notice the italics) you are feeling kind then you are welcome to toss in a tip with your $6 order. But I’m not gonna be like those Trade Chat people who say “tips optional” and then demand a tip. I promise.


Short answer: you’ll e-mail PikestaffArt [at] gmail with screenshots and instructions on how your want your character to appear, background, any pets you want included, etc. Then when I finish your avatar, I inform you, you toss me the money via PayPal, and the avatar is yours!

Long answer: Detailed instructions are located on this page— definitely worth a read through!

To All: Thank you as always for being readers here. It never ceases to amaze me that for some reason people like to listen to me ramble about crap. It further amazes me that I still had readers after hiatus’ing rather abruptly a while back. Thank you all for your continued support! <3

7 thoughts on “World of WarCute Avatars: Now on Sale!”

  1. Hey, you may hiatus all you want, but feed readers never sleep 🙂

    As soon as I get my moniez figured out, you will have INC avatar requests now that I know you take commissions.

  2. @ Glazier – Ah, really? That stinks, I wonder if there is another way to do it… I don’t want to have to leave people out!

  3. First off – WELCOME BACK!!!! (news travels slow to this part of Azeroth. Ever since that terrible Bridenbrad incident and word that the Lich King is dead, updated news has become erratic at best)

    Secondly, once I figure out which pet to use I will put in an order…..hmmm, may have to just request one for each of my three (3) main pets.

    ::Phlegger saunters off to check his gold reserves::

  4. BM post is good. I learned that when Kill Command is shiny the proc for Killing Streak is up. Thanks Pike. I’m thinking of helping you out but I can’t think of a sexy gun to display with Guntitan and King Krush.

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