A Survival Is Fine Too

…terrible and geeky title references aside, I spec’d my Horde hunter Survival because, well… currently she’s Survival due to RP reasons. (You know, as “RP Reason” as I can get away with for somebody who never actually roleplays.)

So I was dinking around with Survival and originally I wasn’t actually impressed. In fact, I bought dual spec (cheap now!) and went Beast Mastery, haha.

But then I figured “Dude, Pike, your main character is Beast Mastery, just give Survival a shot on your secondary character. Gosh already.”

So I started to practice with Survival. I reforged up to some Mastery and then the hunter hotfix came through the other day making things even yummier.

The Verdict:

Survival is currently hilarious.

Reason #1 Why Survival is Currently Hilarious:

This is my casual character who has never raided and is in a bunch of like… Triumph badge gear and the super old Nesingwary gun.. And yet when I pop trinkets and Lock and Load procs my DPS goes through the roof. Like, 8k. It’s freaking hilarious. Of course, then it dips down to a number that is lower but still very respectable.

Reason #2 Why Survival is Currently Hilarious:

Improved Serpent Sting + Serpent Spread.

Improved Serpent Sting makes your Serpent Sting do instant damage on first hit, like a normal shot. Serpent Spread makes your Multi-Shot put Serpent Sting on everything. Take these two talents and go Multishot into a giant group of mobs. I promise you will clap your hands and start giggling.

…I was going to have a Reason #3 but right now those are actually the only two reasons I can think of. The extremely high focus cost of Explosive Shot negates some of the fun, I think. That said, I really enjoy the spec. Almost as much as Beast Mastery.

Next up: Marksmanship!

5 thoughts on “A Survival Is Fine Too”

  1. Hiya Pike – could you tell us where you put the talents you used for SS? And possible a shot rotation. I wouldn’t mind trying it, but I will have to give up MM or BM for it. mama trying SS, whats next, her actually making roux? 😀

  2. Ah, the current state of Marksmanship… saddens me.

    I’ve been playing Marksmanship ever since I first started in 2005; I had never respecced her into any other spec (a small quirk of mine – I never respec my characters, ever, with the exception of my healers), so you could say I’m somehow familiar with Marksmanship.

    Oh, Chimera Shot and Aimed Shot… you are sorely missed.

    (In seriousness, though, I look forward to your assessment of Marksmanship.)

  3. I’ve decided to take up Survival for the very first time, and I think I have you to blame for it. Oh boy, this is a challenge! Seems I have a steep learning curve ahead of me. Somehow, I’m still enjoying it. I’d much like to use a Beast Mastery spec, but that just doesn’t seem very interesting to be dual-spec’d into the same talent tree.

    Oh, and a belated welcome to Western Washington! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

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