The Art of War(song)

My rogue was about halfway through level 18 this morning, so I decided to do some Warsong Gulch. The first game was kind of a failure; we lost pretty badly. I was sort of preparing for this to be one of “those mornings” where it was just a string of losses and crying.

But then something interesting happened.

We started communicating.

See, there was a pretty solid group of about six or seven of us who kept re-queue’ing over and over. We didn’t always get into the same games, of course, but we’d always be there with at least a few buddies from the previous game or two games ago or whatever. A couple of us were pretty twinked out but there were a lot of your average lowbies in our little re-queue’ing group as well.

Anyways, pretty soon we’d figured out what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses were, and we were making and executing plans. We knew who our best flag-runners were, who was best on defense, and who made the best distractions. There was no QQ, no whining, no crying if somebody messed up. Just a lot of “gj”‘s when we made yet another flag capture.

Game after game we just dominated. 3-0, 3-0, 3-0. Anytime we queued up and saw a friend we could rely on from a previous game we would say hi and /cheer at each other. Even the people from the Super Hardcore PvP Servers were /cheering and /waving. And every game our motley little group just smashed the Horde. It was, quite honestly, the best PvP I have participated in in a very, very long time.

But all good things come to an end, and pretty soon came that fateful game where I announced at the beginning that it would be my last: I was gonna level out of the bracket. The response was a few “Noooo”s in BG chat which made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy.

Perhaps fittingly, this was our hardest game of the morning: the Horde had some pretty geared folks on their end this time, including a rogue who was basically equal to me in gear and who I locked one-on-one horns with several times. But we managed to eke out a victory in the end– with a flag I captured.

Thanks, BG9, for making WSG surprisingly awesome again for one morning. I hope to see you all in Arathi Basin! <3

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  1. Just my limited opinion, but I think that your experience is what Blizzard hopes will be the experience of people going into rated Battlegrounds. What you just described sounds fun. But admittedly, WSG is my least favorite battleground. And a pug WSG does not sound fun for me at all. However, that last that I read, it sounded like you couldn’t queue for a rated battleground unless you were part of a group already. I don’t think I could drum up enough friends to make it worth the effort. I don’t know if this is true though as I haven’t been paying as much attention to the pvp news.

    Side note… just like “rage normalization”, I really think they need to normalize honor gain across all the pvp options. I basically earn honor for epic gems, and even nerfed, Wintergrasp still provides and excellent return on investment (eck… hate that phrase, lol).

    Arathi Basin, that’s my playground. I love that place! 🙂

  2. It’s always fun when you can get a group, even a loose one, going cross server. Very cool.

  3. Such luck that you would find that kind of communication and respect in battlegrounds. I think I’ll make myself a little twinked rogue like this. I’ve found the leveling battlegrounds to be much more fun, and I’ve always meant to learn how to play a rogue well, if only to learn the weaknesses of my enemy.

    My main is a hunter, and of course they are tons of fun in the lower brackets. A bit OP probably. I just got my 2nd hunter to 80, and have been trying to gear up in battlegrounds. Level 80 PVP is such a completely different experience. Such a huge gap now between starter gear and top tier PVP/PVE gear. So many more abilities flying around. So much burst damage, so much CC (and ways to break CC). Half the horde team always seem to be arena players, while the alliance are constantly yelling and bickering with each other. It’s really turned me off to the whole game recently. Maybe Alliance on the Ruin battlegroup just aren’t that great (we lose 3/4 of the games).

  4. You are back ! BRK and Pike are back 😀

    I just clicked on the link for “old times sake” and here you are 🙂

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