So cheap you should just call me Wal-Mart

Let me tell you about my rogue.

She’s level 18, and she’s wearing Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders, Stained Shadowcraft Tunic and a Swift Hand of Justice. She’s got an Upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon, and she is dual-wielding a Venerable Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge with Crusader and a Sharpened Scarlet Kris with Fiery.

Warsong Gulch is my sandbox. My kiddie pool. If I am on defense, the other team doesn’t get the flag. Period. (Or if they do, they drop it within five seconds.) If I am guarding our flag carrier, the other team doesn’t get their flag back. Usually at this point I am asked to go retrieve our flag from the other side, so I oblige, stealth across the field, and calmly get our flag back.

In my latest game I was on defense the whole time. Despite being out of the action most of the time, I was third on killing blows/damage done, and I didn’t die a single time. I exited the game with the same buffs I got at the beginning. And we won 3 – 0.

I used to hate people like me. The goggles-wearing rogues that could jam random buttons on the keyboard and two-shot me. In fact, I kind of hate myself for turning into one.

Low level hordies on Bloodlust, I do apologize. You are free to hate me, because you have a good reason to. Don’t worry, I won’t be here long– I plan on leveling right up and out of this bracket and moving on to Arathi Basin.

But until then, WSG is my playground.

*naughty, evil grin*

11 thoughts on “So cheap you should just call me Wal-Mart”

  1. Your, Madam, are the worst kind.

    For daring to do that whole cant-beat-them-join-them thing that I never did dare m’self.

    If nothing else, relish one fact, though; rogue twinks are horrible, but hunter twinks are worse.

    (Okay, mental image of a rogue twink in the proper meaning of both words, a stray effeminate. Laughing uncontrollably.)

  2. I’ve never had the guts to go ahead and actually try that.

    Hopefully you don’t get too addicted to it, ’cause all the noobs are hating you something harsh.

  3. Rats – my undead rogue, who has much the same gear as yours, has just passed out of the 10-19 bracket :(. I’ll have to wait until 28-29 to look out for you 😛

  4. I love my hunter and tree for PVE. They pew & heal like pros. However, the most fun I have in the game these days is PVP’ing in Warsong Gulch on my Sub-spec’ed rogue.
    She started as my bank alt. I decided to play around with her because I was curious how rogues worked. I had been ganked too many times on my mains and I wanted to see what it was like to be on the other side of the daggers. By 18 she was twinked out and one-shotting clothies in WSG with those yummy ambush crits. When I hit 20 I figured I’d stop playing her but a well timed Arathi Basin holiday helped me to get her into the mid 20s in a few days and back to being competitive. (In case you don’t know you get about half of a *level* of XP for each holiday win in that bracket.) So I leveled onward…I had a few gripes about the class as I got more familiar with it but each was squashed with a new ability attained at a later level (with Shadowstep being a candidate for the most awesome PVP spell in the game). With a self heal coming in Cataclysm I might have to add a 3rd level capped toon to the stable soon. She’s 69 and still one-shotting those clothies…along with the under-65 fools that dare come into my flag room. >:)

  5. I’m glad someone likes WSG and rogue leveling. I can’t really stand either, and am looking forward to the class changes in Cat. Maybe a werewolf rogue will be cool enough to actually level…

  6. That gear on that low level of a character is downright immoral. I don’t PvP much, but there is NO reason those heirlooms should be that powerful.

    Nerf heirlooms!

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