Oh man, you guys.

I can’t decide which is more fun, my warlock or my rogue.

My warlock is currently level 47 and I’m leveling her with my boyfriend’s warrior tank. His goal with the character is to Tank Everything In The Fracking Game at the Correct Level. That means if he has to XP-pause at 60 to tank the raids, he’ll do it. And if he has to XP-pause at 70 to do the same, he’ll do that too. And he has roped me into his nefarious plans.

For the record– The Boy is an amazing tank. And he is decked out in blues that are enchanted with stuff like Mongoose. And the other day in ZF I pulled aggro off of him on the final boss.


Also fun. Did I mention fun yet?

Oh by the way, I never die. Like the other day, after the ZF run was finished, it was just me and The Boy left in group and we were kind of running around for fun and we ran smack into a respawned pack of mobs.

The Boy charges into the fray and is promptly Hex’d and turned into a frog.

Mobs all beeline for me.

/Howl of Terror
/Drain Life

Yeah that was fun.

But then there is my rogue. Oh my gosh. I have the goggles + the heirlooms and my rogue never dies either. …okay, that was an exaggeration. I’ve died a couple times on my rogue. Sucks to not have heals. Still, I’ve also taken on unexpected packs of like four mobs, and lived to tell the tale. I usually have like 5 hit points left, but still. I LIVE. Also solo’d Hogger at the appropriate level. Did I mention that Evasion + BoA items + dynamite is OP? I love it so much.

It’s probably too early to say anything definitively about the class this early on, though, but it is SO FUN, I am so excited to do more leveling with this one. How did I never get into rogues before? Silly Pike!

So, I’m seriously considering changing mains for Cataclysm (assuming I am still playing– I still have so much stuff going on IRL that I’m really just playing it by ear at this point). No real major reason, just kinda want to try something different. The question, though, is change to what? Healy Druid was my original inclination but I still haven’t recovered from the impending Loss of Perma-Tree, since Tree Form was the entire reason I rolled healy druid to begin with (I know, I’m lame), so now both warlock and rogue (and maybe Goggles Bear) are at the top of the contenders list. We’ll see how things go!

(Also toward the top of the list: Gnome Priest, and Goblin EVERYTHING.)

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  1. Blasphemy! BLASPHEMY!

    Apoplexy aside, I’ve been really enjoying playing my feral/feral Druid recently, but not up to the point of swapping mains when I get him to 80. On the other hand, I’ve cleared out 8 character slots on my current server for Cataclysm alts (of which there are likely to be many), maybe something will click for me like the goggle-wearing shotgun-wielding Gnome Rogue did for you 😛

    Now where was I? Ah, yes, denying the existence of other classes. Heresy, do you hear?!

  2. Hi Pike.
    Did you read by the way the hunter changes in Cataclysm? Did you watch some of the movies posted on youtube (low level movies and high level movies)? You will be blown away when you play your hunter again in Cataclysm, and never want to look back on the other classes 🙂
    The focus change, the pets at level one, the hunter-pet synergy they’re enhancing in BM, camouflage and aspect of the fox, everything will make playing hunter a much more fun and engaging experience then it is today.

  3. I don’t play rogues. <__> I play melee hunters that kick so much ass that Blizzard took away their pets.

  4. I moved from Rogue to Shaman to Hunter to Warrior/Pally Tank going from Beta/Vanilla -> BC -> LK…

    Just waiting for Cata to really launch so I can pimp out a Wolf with a Wolf so there’s Howl with Howl. 😀

  5. Supplimentary comment: Pike, you’ve gotta watch BRK’s latest movie (Baby pet roundup 3), making especially sure to watch the Huge Ultra Spoiler at the end. It has to do with Goblins.

    I am rolling a Goblin. Possibly several. In the history of Warcraft there has never been a starting zone this cool.

  6. I have come to love Gnomes even though I honestly dislike Dun Morogh as a starting zone. But the Deeprun Tram takes care of that…

    My DK is fun (of course) and I’m starting a mage and a warrior both as a fun talent spread as well as to create a useful set of interlocking professions on the RP server (already have the equivalent on a PvP server). Lots of work but still fun.

    And Goblins may be the main reason I get Cataclysm.

  7. funny thing…my first char was a lvl 80 gnome warlock, moved onto my 80 draenei hunter and have now moved over to a rogue….do what you like when you like it. only way to fly

  8. I’m totally rolling a Dwarf Shaman once Cataclysm ships, and there’s probably a dual-weilding Worgen in my future somewhere. But unless Hunters are completely broken on launch, Magli’s still gonna be my main.

  9. At least with your BF tanking it should be a little easier than in the old days.
    By level 60 he should be able to get to the 51point talent of prot, as well as (and i do recommend) getting a full set of BC green gear “Of the Champion”.
    Great stats on that stuff, far better than vanilla gear.

    Same thing of course will happen with cata gear at L80.

  10. Nah, rolling the healy-tree just because you were a tree isin’t lame. Honestly, that’s why I play a dps kitty…because ZOMG IMA KITTEH!

  11. Gnome ShadowPriest? In all seriousness though, best to stick with no main until you’re entirely certain which class you find the most fun. Never know, resto druid will still probably be damn fun!

  12. I am having so much freaking fun on my Enhancement Shammie, that I may just delete my Healy/Shadow priest. Well, not really. But I am sure not healing anymore! DPS is just so much more FUN.

    As for my hunter…much as I want to keep feeling the love…I’m not. 🙁 He’s fun and all, but my rogue and shammie are even more fun. Heck, I’m having a blast leveling up my (almost 52) kitty drood!

  13. I, too, solo’d Hogger on my Human Mage when she was level 11; wearing gear from quests, no less (she’s on a different server from my main, so no heirlooms for her). It was quite a fun fight.

  14. I hate rogues, because I love them in D&D, and in WoW, they play NOTHING like they should. >.>

  15. Yea I’ve pretty much stopped playing my hunter for now. I can’t wait to try out BM in Cataclysm though! I’ve been PvP-ing on my priest lately and it. Is. Fun. I love pvp right now and going forward my focus will shift to pvp, even in Cataclysm. I’ll still be doing some light raiding (and this is perfect because 10 mans will now drop equal levels of gear as 25 mans) but there’s something that’s so satisfying in pvp that can’t be matched in pve. I can’t wait to try focused-based hunter pvp. I can’t wait to channel penance while running.

    As for right now, while my arena partner’s account is expired, I’m leveling a resto shaman. And I’ve already decided, I’m gonna be resto pvping on her as well. I can’t wait to lol-chain heal at 80.

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