Pike’s Got Mail!

If I have an Achilles’ heel when it comes to blogging, it’s answering e-mail. I stink at it.

First of all, I get a lot of it.

Secondly, I often read it via my cellphone at work. Then I compose a long, grandiose reply in my head.

Thirdly, when I get home from work, half the time I can’t remember if I actually answered a certain e-mail or if I just… well, composed a long, grandiose reply in my head. Then when I go to find said e-mail in my inbox, it’s squeezed in between blog comment notifications and all sorts of non-blog-related e-mail and the like. So then all these lovely e-mails I get wind up unanswered because I can’t find them and I’m terrified of looking through the clutter through them.


In my best attempt to rectify this, I have a new e-mail address. I’ve stuck it on the sidebar and also made Eltanin the Mail-Windserpent a mailto link. It is aspectofthehare [at] gmail [dotcom]. This is going to be my new e-mail specifically for people who want to get ahold of me or ask me questions. Therefore, in theory, said e-mail won’t get buried between non-related e-mails, or forgotten about.

If you have sent me e-mail in the past and have not gotten a response, and would like one, I promise it’s not cause I hate you and encourage you to send it to my new e-mail. /nods

Today’s Copout Post was brought to you by the letters Q and Q. And today’s “brought to you by” was brought to you by my guild‘s message of the day.

10 thoughts on “Pike’s Got Mail!”

  1. HEy Aspect…i recently took a break from wow/semi quit part of me wants to come back part of me wants to push that game away and never let it see the light of day i love the community and leveling up characters but after heroics i find so diffcuit to do anything…..i not a big fan of raiding and i’m terrible in pvp. so as an 80 there a limit of things for me to do….

  2. Thanks very much for taking the effort to do this. However i have found you to be a very reponsive tweeter. Is this still a valid way of asking questions??

  3. I’ve sent you an email before, and it got answered, but then I was asking how to look after Slider Turtles so you probably felt compelled to respond 😉

  4. Totally understand that u can’t answer all the e-mails! I just recently looked at BRK’s old webpage.. I noticed that your sitemeter is +10000 to his.. So there! 🙂

  5. One of the great parts about using gmail is the save a draft feature. Say u find an email u would like to reply to. Hit reply, then “Save Draft”. When u have time, come back to it later, add text, hit save. Rinse repeat until your response is complete and proofred and then hit send. It’s kinda like having an improvised filter. I am running with 50+ drafts in my gmail and occasionally, when I have time I whittle away at the drafts.

    I hope this tactic helps u.

  6. @ Bigguss – asking me questions via Twitter is still a valid method! (as is asking me questions through blog comments)

    @Del – Frankly when I feel like I run out of things to do at 80, I go play a lowbie alt for a while. It’s sort of a ping-pong game, bouncing back and forth between a lowbie and an 80, they keep each other fresh. *nod*

  7. I think i may return to wow but on a new server i’d say can you suggest any that be good or intresting to play on 🙂 i play -4 GMT time

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