19 thoughts on “My Bank Alt is a Bat”

  1. I have 2 bankers, one for each faction.

    Alliance banker is decked out in Haliscan stuff, compliments of my tailoring priest. His feet, however, are bare, because he’s still waiting on my sister’s hunter to make him some winter boots.

    My Horde banker wears the tuxedo shirt and pants. I haven’t gotten him the jacket yet. He does, however, have a monocle that makes him look quite dashing.

    That’s it, I’m never on either of them long enough for them to get costumed or anything. >.>

  2. My banker is, as usual, sitting in Orgrimmar tending auctions in all her 19 rogue twink finery. Hasn’t been in a battleground since she turned off the experience gains, either.

  3. My horde banker is/was a 16/17 orc hunter on her way to 19 twinkdom, whose career path was rudely derailed by her leg armors now showing red.

    My ally banker is a gnome, usually decked out in Tuxedo gear, monocle, diamond-tipped cane, some white jewelry that cost him an arm and a leg, and so on.

    He’s still waiting for a deal on Ruby Shades.

    I leveled him from 16 to 20 just so I could Blink between the mailbox and the AH in IF…

  4. Mine dinged 80 last week and tanked VoA 10 last night:)

    I wanted to try leveling a char through the pvp system and he was the only Alliance side lowbie I had left:( My plan is too get him up to tanking 3.3 heroics then turn him into a transmute bot and park him back at Ironforge in his tux,can and monocle.
    I try to run a distributed bank now anyway, My JC has all my gems, my miner has all my ore and motes etc.

  5. Mine is decked out in Red Winter Costume, so she looks like a little tramp running back and forth in Ironforge 😛

  6. My banker is a gentle-orc dogsbody named Pennyworth who sports an eccentric Haliscan fashion sense topped off by either a distinguished monocle or a sporty Brewfest hat. He looks quite dashing with his full white muttonchop sideburns.

    He is also quite the alcoholic apparently as evidenced be the two-fisting of a Brewfest stein in one hand and an always-full glass of Dalaran Red in the other. This might explain his extremely erratic and not-so-professional financial dealings that lead to either feast or famine, usually the latter, but he’s always got something to drink.

    Evidently is he married, or was once as he still wears a wedding ring but I have never seen his (presumably lovely) wife. Which now that I think on it is slightly suspicious as I’ve never heard him speak well of Mankrik….

    He’s really not a very good banker, but he’s been with the family for so long I can’t bear to let him go, and he is a very good butler.

  7. I don’t have a bank alt, I think they’re rather emcumbersome, why should I have to leave my lovely tauren huntress just to go post some auctions? Besides, i tend to forget about banks alts and not visit them for days, which isn’t good for my personal virtual economy hehe.

  8. No bank alt either. Though, there are times when I think I should have one… but I end up PLAYING everything eventually. And if I play a character, I need the room, so a bank alt can’t exist for me.

  9. My bank alt… hasn’t been rolled yet!

    At least on Feathermoon, my current server. *runs off to make bank alt*

    He will most likely have that horrible Mr. T face immediately upon login…

  10. Pike, you forgot one other “buff” for your bat: shiney teeth!

    My bank alt is Berniemadof. A rogue (of course) and has her own guild bank (Ponzi Scheme for the win!)

    She doesn’t really have any twinky cool clothing, but she DOES have the diamond tipped cane.

  11. I’m afraid to say my bank alt went the way of the dodo when Blizzard introduced the engineering AH to Dalaran, and between my Hearth, Wormhole and Argent Crusade tabard, I have no problems getting to Dalaran quickly.

  12. My bank alt is decked out with a Battered Jungle Hat, Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Simple Kilt & Diamond-tipped Cane. Mostly thanks to my obsession with fishing dailies, she tried the monocle but the pimp hat suited her style more. She also has several costumes. She hasn’t done a legitimate quest in her life but she got to level 15 corpse crawling all over azeroth to get enough petals during the fire festival to buy the dress and shoulders as well as the lunar festival finery and yes she also has a lovely black dress for special occasions. She is the Barbie doll I never had growing up, of course boys aren’t supposed to have Barbie dolls.

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