My Five Favorite WoW Movies

In the two and a half years that I’ve been playing WoW, I’ve seen a lot of movies about it on YouTube. In fact, I’m willing to bet that I’ve seen most of them. As such, cutting it down to my five favorites was tough. Really tough. So tough that I found myself wanting to change this to “Ten Favorite WoW Movies”, but I didn’t want to crit everyone with YouTube movies. Really though, cutting out some of the stuff by Nyhm and MrVoletron hurt my soul, so… maybe I’ll just make a part two later.

Regardless, after much debate and consideration… here are my five favorites:

5.) Forever A Nub Ft Wick and PoshJark

One of the most recent WoW movies I’ve seen, it jumped immediately to “one of my faves” status, which is bragable*. The great thing about it is that I think it’s sort of supposed to be funny, but it just ends up being really touching and super, super nostalgic. Somehow manages to perfectly capture the journey from level 1 to 80 while also throwing in equal parts RP, raiding, and Warcrafty puns (“Darkmoon Card, and I’m destined for greatness!”). Definitely wins Pike’s approval.

4.) How To Play a Mage


3.) Hootie the Strigid Screecher

I first saw this movie back when I was level 50ish and it was Tux the Strigid Hunter and I versus the world. By the end, I was teary-eyed, and ya know what? I’m not afraid to admit it. The whole thing just rang true to my huntery heart on so many levels. That Christmas I got some WoW trading cards; one of them was Hootie the Strigid Screecher. Flavor Text: “He doesn’t mean it when he blocks your view.”

He can also apparently be seen in Dalaran sometimes now, too, though I’ve yet to find him myself. A true classic.

2.) The Craft of War: BLIND

I remember everybody being madly obsessed with this when it came out about a year ago, and when I finally got around to watching it a month or so after the hype had calmed down, I realized why. Not like your typical machinima, this is actual original animation using the game models. Combine that with a catchy song and some absolutely delightful cinematography (Lady Prestor letting out her inner Onyxia and then gently holding up a finger to her mouth in a “shhh, just our little secret” pose… just so freaking brilliant) and this is a no-brainer for the list.

Possibly my favorite part, though, is that the guy who made it says “Earlier this year I got pretty bored and decided to do something creative in my spare time. ” Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when amazing people get bored. They should get bored more often.


1.) Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

It might sound silly, but this little movie probably defines my first year of World of Warcraft for me. When I first saw it, the boy and I were still leveling (us being Burning Crusade babies), and although we had no concept yet of Aldors vs. Scryers, we both immediately latched onto this movie as the ultimate source of personal little WoW injokes and random funny lines to toss at each other. We still quote it. “Screw the blue staff Jimmy, we’re going for the epics. EPIIIIICS.”

I still can’t watch it without cracking up. I don’t think Rurikar plays WoW anymore, but man. The guy is endlessly witty, and the movie is chock-full of little hidden jokes as well, so it holds up to repeated viewings more than… just about any WoW movie, ever. Good game, Rurikar. Good game.


* Cookie for the first person to get the (possibly obscure) reference…

21 thoughts on “My Five Favorite WoW Movies”

  1. There is some seriously good stuff missing, you should really have made at least a Top 10.
    By the way, would the Darrowshire music video from Cranius have made it into a top10?

  2. @ Triz – everybody’s list is going to be different =P I encourage others to make their own list! *nod* (This is why I decided to call it “My Five Favorite” instead of “The Five Best”)

    Even doing the Top 10 would’ve been difficult and I would’ve wanted to expand it to a Top 15, I’m sure… x_x

    If I were to throw one more movie onto this list, though, it would be “Return“.

  3. I was so hoping you’d name Jimmy as your favourite video! It’s the best and the funniest wow video I’ve seen to date!

  4. I hadn’t seen either Forever a Nub or Hootie the Strigid Screecher before, and they both made me sniffle a little bit. Especially the owl one, because with both of my Hunters my loyal wind serpents are stuck in the stable, and now I feel all bad about that, and I swear at least my troll isn’t going to just go out and tame a wolf for higher damage, I’m going to finish leveling my wind serpent and use him again…

  5. Awwww @ Hootie!! It reminds me of the WoW video I started to make and never finished. I was using “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler, and was going to have bits of my character and various pets that she’d had.

    Now I want to level another hunter again, with only flying pets.

  6. I hadn’t seen Forever A Nub before… I really liked that one.

    I actually hadn’t seen ANY of the ones you linked here… apparently I live under a rock.

  7. Huh, I’ve never watched the Jimmy Story before. It was great, but the way he pronounced Shattrath just drove me insane.

  8. Wow, some of these are new to me. Thanks!

    I bet Code Monkey had to be up there in the numbers…”Code Monkey love Fritos….Code Monkey loves you!


  9. “2.) The Craft of War: BLIND” was the most epic WOW movie i have ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing!

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