Both Sides Now


The fact that we got this far, as a PuG, and on my first trip in there on my druid– and as one of just two healers for a good bulk of it, still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Furthermore, that last Kel’Thuzad fight was one of the smoothest things I’ve ever seen, me half-asleep and yet somehow still feeling “in the zone” and Rejuv+Swiftmending those iceblocks… it felt amazing. I’m so glad I FRAPS’d it. I can’t wait to make a movie; “The Day Pike Played a Druid And Was Actually Good At It”.

…did I mention I got the [Safety Dance] achievement today too? Irony. Both my level 80s have it now o_o

Lemme tell you though, healing Naxx is nuts. It’s all improvisation. I am completely tuckered out.

Right after that was over, I hopped over to Tawyn, and was soon chucked a guild invite from the guild I was accepted to. Check it out, it lines up with my title + name and everything:


The second I joined I was met with several very friendly “hellos” and “welcomes” and lots of jovial banter. I felt almost bowled over with the niceness.

Also, I got a whisper from the guy who invited me. “Wanna come to our alt-run of 10-man Ulduar?”

I told him I had to go to bed because it was super late.

Bed is more important, right?

I can go to Ulduar later, right?

…riiiiiiiight? >.>

*twitches excitedly*

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  1. Congrats Pike! As one that pugs a lot, and there are so many bad pugs out ther – the ones where it just goes smooth are soo nice 😀

    But a question: on your first screenshot I see that you have two bars, both showing the same spell – was that accidental or do you have a reason for it? I know I switch my bars too often and always shriek a bit before I remember how to switch it back.

    Btw, thanks to you, or rather inspired by you I have dualspecced my hunter (BM and MM, coincidence about the MM, just don’t sit right with Surv) and even conviced a guildie to do the same – so hopefully I’ll get enough healers on thursday so I can go with my raptor to Naxx10 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the guild! Good luck, and can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    I blinked at first when I saw the guild name. Then I glanced over to make sure it really said you were on Silver Hand. I have several friends in a guild on Feathermoon with that exact name.

  3. @BlueTiger – Yes, I have two bars with the same spell, it’s sort of a leftover from when I was leveling. I wanted the spells on the main action bar so I could use the numbers on my keyboard for casting them, however, I also wanted to be able to heal myself in a pinch when I was in cat or bear (RestoKitty is how I leveled for a long time.) And when you are in cat or bear, that set of action bars covers up your main one.

    Thus, two rows of the same spell. Dunno if I’ll ever get around to changing it or not. o.O

    @Rollandren – honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if the guilds were related, I’ve noticed that a lot about guilds on RP servers.

  4. It always look different when you’re healing. I heal on my shaman and paladin (although I’m starting to loathe Healadinning) and I notice when I have to spend mana to heal people who stand in fire or get hit by whirlwinds. It’s fun, but it’s a different kind of fun from pewpewing.

  5. Hey I know that guild!
    Just a shameless comment from your new guild mate, hope to see you raiding with us soon.

  6. Glad for you!

    I took a break from the game these past few months and only just getting back into it. Feel lonely tought because everyone I know ain’t playing anymore so it’s all strangers for me too.

    Anyway I think I might drop by on your server *shy*. I might as well try a RP server to see if it can get the old flame started again.

  7. I healed my first Naxx last night with my Shaman after our 25 Ulduar fell through (it seems that Sunday nights in the summer cause people to not play WoW or something). And I hear you on the improvisation there Pike, it’s quite a rush and I had a blast.
    Being pretty familiar with healing Heroics, I found that I had to very quickly adapt what I knew and most importantly to predict incoming damage and be proactive in healing rather than reactive. So that’s going to take some getting used to, and it’s also very odd having other healers along.

    I’m looking forward to your first reports from Ulduar! Going there is a massive learning curve and equal parts frustrating and super fun. I’ll definitely be interested in comparing notes!

  8. My gosh, what did you do? Log off after joining us and immediately post this? I am amused.

    And don’t worry. You’ll definitely get into one of our random Ulduar runs sooner or later. It’s way more fun than Naxx.

  9. Gratz on the new guild !
    Reading the comments here, they look like a bunch of great funny people !

    And to Xonate, yes, Aspect of the Hare > Sleeping > Ulduar 10.

    And gratz on the Naxx healing run ! 🙂 That’s fun eh ?! You discover the instance you know so well from a new point of vue and it’s like a new instance. 🙂

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