In Loving Memory

Today is Patch Day, and I’m actually quite excited. Normal flying mounts at 100% speed instead of 60% (Lunapike rejoices), druid form updates, experience in battlegrounds, and a whole host of other things I am excited about. Gotta admit though, the lack of mention of either Wild Hunt or Animal Handler– both of which were supposed to receive nice buffs– in the official patch notes is making me nervous.

Really, the only thing I can think of about this patch that I’m not looking forward to is the change to traps that is going to make chain trapping much more difficult. Some people have said, “It doesn’t matter, hunters don’t trap anymore anyway,” and in a way, this is true, but in another way, it saddens me a little to say farewell to something so fun. And so, have the classic “Pike is Bored” movie I made long, long ago, in memorandum:

Gosh it’s weird to watch me in be in Viper the whole time. Remember that? o.O

14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory”

  1. Man I remember having to trap as CC when running the daily H Mech, for my bf who wanted Sun Eater (inevitably, it never dropped)

    Good times.

  2. I know, this patch is really cool except for the trap change. I would so much rather have a single one-minute trap up than three 30-second ones.

    I -like- chain trapping. ;_;

  3. I’m a fairly new hunter (just hit 60, woot!) but love my trapping, and have been trying to make sure I’m honing my chain-trapping skills, on the off-chance that the pendulum swings the other way and it becomes a sought-after skill once again 🙂 So I’m with you on the sadness that I’m feeling with traps being that much more obsolete.

    Thanks Pike for all you do on this blog. I love the focus on doing what you love, rather than chasing the highest stats. I’m a BM too, and can’t seem to feel the love in the other trees. And I also loved your post on leveling and enjoying the scenery. That’s why I love WoW – the myriad of different ways to play and enjoy the game.

  4. I see they finally fixed the Flying Mount bug? About time 😉
    I guess it will be another 18 months before they fix it so Flying Mounts work in the old world as as ground-only Mounts. Of course by then, you’ll probably get your Flying Mount at 40 😛

  5. Chain trapping will still be possible even if you’re not SV specced. It’ll just require more vigilance in watching the cooldown. I use Kharthus’ hunter timers which shows me how much longer the trap will remain primed before…oh god. Patch day, which means updating mods. NOOOOOOOO.

  6. @Shagrat Yes, it will still be possible, but it will be considerably more difficult. The window between trap down and mob in it will be more precarious than before, and it can only be done once more with any certainty after the initial trapping. The days of chain trapping as the hunter community knows it are over.

    Lovely Pike, I <3 "just because I can" chain trapping 🙂

  7. One slight update: Flying mounts are 150% instead of 60% now, not just 100%. Unless that has been revised again.

    I don’t think there’s anything in the patch that really upsets me to any degree. As far as I’m concerned, this patch is full of win. There’s a few nerfs going on here and there of course, but when have we ever had a patch that didn’t include the nerfbat?

    Mounts and druid forms excite me more than everything else, but I’m really looking forward to trying out the shaman’s new totem bars as well. Being able to turn off experience is a huge benefit for my twinks that are all sitting at level cap right now but still need gear. And my paladin may finally be able to afford his flying mount(s).

  8. It came out today….


    I’m going away from home (and WoW) for a few days, on the day the patch comes out.


    Oh well. Have fun with the patch!

  9. I was always of two minds about chain-trapping in BC. I thought it was way cool to see your videos and other hunters doing it but it scared the crap out of me if I had to do it on my hunter. >.>

  10. Love love love the vid. It reminds me just how awesome huntering can be, yet it is so bittersweet!

  11. I spent last night in Uld-10 Vezax trash goofing around nearly begging the RL to let me trap something. Or wyvern sting. Or anything. We had one mage, one warlock, and one tank. Certainly, my hunter traps would be useful. Right? Please? /grovel.

    He told me to just shoot it in the face like I always do. 🙁

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