To Tree or Not to Tree?

I’ve gotten a couple comments asking who “won” the contest. I tallied up the votes and yes, the druid won. (To be fair, the reasons given for “hunter” tended to be much more passionate and convincing! But I decided to go purely on numbers.)

So I’ve been playing the druid and having a surprising amount of fun. I’m making good headway on the Wrathgate storyline (thanks to dual specs, I am able to quest more often than I could before), and I even got to experience being a Moonkin and not a Tree in a Violet Hold.


…by the way, they’re OP. *cough* >.>

Boomkinning is interesting; playstyle-wise it feels like a somewhat less hectic version of Survival Huntering, in that you are waiting for a proc (in this case, Eclipse) which then changes up your rotation. (Said proc likes to happen on the last spell you cast before the mob dies, by the way.) I gotta say though, you’ll never be able to take the hunter out of the girl, as was evident to me anytime my treants died and I went into a panic and reached for my Revive Pet button. Overall it was a very interesting experience to do something I’ve done so many times on my hunter– DPS a familiar instance– as… well… a non-hunter.

Okay, clearing-things-up time. I think a lot of people are worried that either a.) I am not interested in my hunter anymore, or b.) I will be writing less huntery things here now. Neither of those could be farther from the truth. You should all know by now that I’d never be able to leave huntering, and on top of that, I’ve had several great huntery post ideas hatch in the incubator that is my head recently and I’m really looking forward to doing some of these posts. I’m mostly just waiting for next week because I’m OCD and like to start things on Monday.

I also think that there is a misconception going around that I am making a conscious effort to fill the shoes of BRK and as such I am actively trying to change the direction of the blog. The truth is, I’m not. As in, I’m not either actively trying to be or not-be the new BM hunter hotspot. Aspect of the Hare has always been an amalgamation of information, education, personal stories, and an attempt to document the WoW experience from the standpoint of someone who is okay at the game but not great and would rather set 80s dance music over thrash metal to her WoW movies. Because there are a lot more of us out there than people realize. That’s what I’ve always been, and that is, well, what I still am. If that makes me the new BRK, then hey, that’s great! And if not, then well, I wasn’t trying to be the new BRK anyway! =P

The only effect that other bloggers quitting blogs has had on my own blogging is that I am determined more than ever to not become a victim of the disease where blogging usurps playing. Blogging about WoW, especially once you have an audience, is hard work. You play for yourself but you have that “Would my audience find this interesting? Would this make a good post idea?” in the back of your head. I don’t think it’s bad to have that in the back of your head, especially if you enjoy blogging (which I do); it becomes bad when that jumps over to the front of your head, if that makes sense. I’m not gonna let that happen. I was never really one of those people that tried to become THE-BESTEST-BLOGGER-EVER anyway, beyond the basics.

All that said, believe me, it does flatter me greatly when I receive positive comparisons to BRK or other blogging “greats”. The comments I get from people saying I helped make them a better player, or I brighten up their day, or they love my writing style– all of these combined with my general enjoyment of blogging are what keep me going. So, thanks, and I hope to provide lots of fun and hunteryness for many months to come. ^_^

/off soapbox

14 thoughts on “To Tree or Not to Tree?”

  1. I knows what you means about freaking out when the trees die. My hunter was my first to 70, then I brought my druid along. I raided as feral for a while before going to moonkin. First few times was a shock, especially after spending so much time on my hunter.

  2. Going to work from the bottom to the top with your post Pike.

    I, and I’m sure many if not all of your loyal readers, wouldn’t want you to be the next BRK even if that was your goal. We’ve come to identify Pike as the hunter-loving, BM crazy, Medivh fangirl we all know and love. I don’t think I would have started following your blog if it had been an imitation of BRK (not that I don’t enjoy BRK) to be honest. I want to read Pike, Rilgon, Drotara, etc., not BRK1, BRK2, BRK>9000. That said, keep doing it your way and I’ll keep reading even if you decide to suddenly start blogging about gardening. ^_^

    Looking forward to the ideas brewing in your head. Also, WTB tips for levelling a druid without getting bored after 10 minutes.

  3. You are fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers. Just keep being you and enjoying what you do, and it’ll all work out. 😀

  4. In regards to the topic on blogging about WoW, I completely agree that look at it as blogging > playing is a bad idea, at least for myself. I find myself thinking that way sometimes, comtemplating going out of my way to do something just for my blog. Then I have to remember that I blog for ME, not for everyone else, although I do love my readers. 😉 If I blog for everyone else, then it becomes a job and not a hobby or creative outlet. And I already have a job thanks, I don’t need another one where I don’t even get paid. 😛

  5. I wouldn’t want this blog to be any different Pike. Aspect Of The Hare is your own unique voice and it’s a great one to have amongst the blogs.

    As for concerns about playing another class, I think that can only make the content here better. The balance and interaction of different classes is fundamental to WoW, and it’s nice to get perspective on what the other classes are doing from a Hunter viewpoint. That sort of thing gives us a better understanding and appreciation of what all those other oddballs in our groups are doing (most of which looks totally bizarre and mad).

  6. What’s this about trees? Pike playing trees and moonkins?? I think I’m gettting a little woozy. LOL Just kidding Pike! We all know your true love is being the most optimistic hunter on the net! 😀 And would honestly follow you around whatever you decided to write about.

    Now speaking of the BRK comparisons.. Hmm.. I might be guilty of that. And honestly it was meant in the most positive and complimentary way.

    When I had first heard of Daniel’s retirement from WoW Blogging we all were thinking of who had the right mix of humor, insight and experience to write both entertaining and informative posts on a regular basis.

    Like it or not, that is you. You have that consistency. But don’t let that make you think you have to be someone you’re not. You are Pike! We want to read Pike’s experiences and hear Pike’s voice in your posts. That’s what we come here to read and love.

    Keep up the great work. You constantly inspire me and I’m sure others to be better bloggers and hunters. And for that you have my gratitude.

  7. is the huntering EVER really out of the hunter? *p.s. ive always liked your blog more than BRK’s anyway* ^_^

  8. Hey, just started reading your blog, good luck with the boomkin.. I find it adds a lot to a WoW players knowledge when really getting into another class and seeing the game from another perspective.

    I played Mage for the last 2 years and I now just shifted over to rogue and loving it

  9. @Will. Agreed. My current goal is to have an 80 of every class so I can see what the game is like from their perspective. Currently have a paladin at 80 and a shaman that will hit 80 today.

  10. Hey Pike! I’ve never commented before but I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to say that I love the way you write about the game because it’s a lot like how I play, and you definitely have your own unique style from BRK’s. And thanks for all the guides and the silly posts and everything else, they’re much appreciated.

    Happy hunting!
    Wolfmoon, 80 hunter, dawnbringer

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