The One Class I Never Figured Out

I’ve played a lot of classes in WoW fairly extensively.  Hunter, of course, and druid.  Recently I’ve been putting a lot of time into my mage and paladin.  In the past I’ve leveled a warlock up to the 60s, a rogue up to the 40s, and a warrior into the 30s or so.

But you know what class I never did figure out?


Nothing against them, mind.

But anytime I’ve ever tried to play one, I get confused.  They have totems, I think?  And… thundering and lightning (very very frighting)?  Do they even do the totems and lightning thing anymore?  Who knows!

Very peculiar.  Very peculiar indeed.

Granted, there’s a very good chance that they’ve changed considerably since the last time I tried to play one (which would’ve been like, eight years ago or something.)  But the fact remains: I’ve never gotten a shaman past level ten.  I’ve gotten everything else past level ten.  I’ve even gotten a monk past level ten.

Shamans?  Nope.

(I might be more inspired if blood elves could be shamans.  I mean, uh, just saying.)

(Also it has occurred to me now that I’ve never gotten a Death Knight past, like, level 60.  So, I guess there’s at least one more class out there that I don’t understand!)

5 thoughts on “The One Class I Never Figured Out”

  1. I have a lvl 70 something panda Shaman , and the only thing i can do with her is heal…i have no idea how to dps with her XD

  2. When they changed SV hunters to melee for Legion, I dusted off my L16 elemental shaman that was parked in Exodar (I only started her to experience the Draenei starting area). Just in case I don’t like any of the hunter styles and I need a ranged DPS going forward…

    I love it. Much more than when she started. The ability streamlining makes it less clunky than I remember, and totems don’t have to be micromanaged to get full use out of them. A little weak on AOE, but that’s not an issue leveling, and I expect it will be solved by some skill before max level.

  3. The shaman changes that got implemented in Cataclysm made the Shaman much more playable for me. Before then, I was much like you and could never get into them. In Mists the shaman became my “main alt”.

  4. Now that I think about it, I used to always hear the “thunk” noise and see a shaman plop down their four totems all at once. I don’t think that happens anymore.

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