Methinks She Doth Blog Too Much

Kind of a meta post here!

Ever since I started blogging again earlier this year, I made it a little goal of mine to blog every day.  I figured I had a lot of missed years to catch up on, and also I thought it would encourage me to keep it up.  And it has!

Now those of you from the early days remember that I wasn’t always a daily blogger.  I blogged a lot, of course.  Probably 4-5 times a week.  But not daily.  And that was okay.  I still wouldn’t have a problem with that but at this point of kind of don’t want to “break the chain”.

The problem is, I worry that my posts aren’t particularly interesting or exciting at times, because I’m often reaching to find an interesting topic to talk about.  Especially since I’m really just a casual player these days.

So I might cut down back to just blogging every other day or so.  Or I might not.  I’m not sure yet.

If you have any thoughts on this issue, lemme know!  (I don’t mind continuing to chatter away about nothing, of course. )

5 thoughts on “Methinks She Doth Blog Too Much”

  1. Some people out there try to strictly adhere to the eight glasses of water a day recommendation, but call me crazy, I just drink when I feel thirsty. I haven’t died of dehydration yet, so my method seems to be working pretty well.

    In the same vein, unless blogging every day is helping you attain a personal goal, I’d say blog when it moves you, and don’t when it doesn’t. Forcing yourself to do it will just sap the joy from the process.

  2. I’ve been teading your blog for years and was glad to see you pick things up again. Whether you blog every day or just a few times a week is really something only you can decide. Do what make you happy. I enjoy the posts even when they’re about not much of anything.

  3. Do what works for you! 🙂 If you want to blog every day, do it! If you don’t feel like you have enough to say one day and really don’t want to, then don’t!

    Regardless, having some goals for yourself is an awesome place to start. And for what it’s worth, I always read, even if I don’t always comment. ^_^ <3

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