So I’m Thinking of a Server Transfer

I feel awkward saying this because I just wrote a post a few months ago about how much I enjoyed my server.  And you know, I do… or, rather, I did.  But between CRZ and connected realms I find that I don’t enjoy good ol’ VeCo half as much as I used to.  We were always a small server to begin with and I feel like the other ones have kind of muscled in, making it a place that’s hard to recognize these days.

So I’ve been seriously considering a transfer, at least of my current main and maybe a couple of my alts.  Obviously, every server’s community is going to have some issues, but going back to a care bear lifestyle by jumping ship from RP-PvP to RP is a start.  (I will miss the good world RP-PvP times I had but am not gonna miss all the extra camping that came with the influx of players from other servers.)

I already have some ideas on where I’m going but I’ll save the details for now in case I change my mind.  The next step, of course, is figuring out how to transfer my gold over…

4 thoughts on “So I’m Thinking of a Server Transfer”

  1. Thanks to server merges and CRV, I think pretty much all servers are the sme now. The two or three servers I’ve been on have lost all personality since these were enabled.

    In other words, don’t bother changing servers unless there’s something there to go TO, because the homogeneity isn’t going to be left behind.

  2. It costs 10$ more but a guild transfer (which moves the guild leader as well) has a noticeably higher gold transfer limit. Namely, I don’t know *what* it is and couldn’t find definitive mention of it in the FAQs. Does mean you need to make a guild and be leader of it for I think a week or something like that, but…

  3. One way to move more over, if you can psychologically handle the loss, is to purchase required crafting materials, like the Orb of Mystery for the JC mounts for their 20k vendor price and then resell them at a loss, say 15-18k, simply because you can fill your bags with more of those relative to their sale cost than gold you can move. Requires work though reselling, especially since MoP isn’t current content.

    Of course server arbitrage using Undermine Journal might be a good choice too, but it will probably require some research as to what is going to give you the best bang for your buck. That coupled with your wants (smaller server?) may make it harder to do. Not to mention if you are going to a smaller server, the AH tends to be more erratic.

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