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So I’m Thinking of a Server Transfer

I feel awkward saying this because I just wrote a post a few months ago about how much I enjoyed my server.  And you know, I do… or, rather, I did.  But between CRZ and connected realms I find that I don’t enjoy good ol’ VeCo half as much as I used to.  We were always a small server to begin with and I feel like the other ones have kind of muscled in, making it a place that’s hard to recognize these days.

So I’ve been seriously considering a transfer, at least of my current main and maybe a couple of my alts.  Obviously, every server’s community is going to have some issues, but going back to a care bear lifestyle by jumping ship from RP-PvP to RP is a start.  (I will miss the good world RP-PvP times I had but am not gonna miss all the extra camping that came with the influx of players from other servers.)

I already have some ideas on where I’m going but I’ll save the details for now in case I change my mind.  The next step, of course, is figuring out how to transfer my gold over…