[FFXIV] I Really Like Quests In This Game

I’m still putting along in FFXIV.  My tiny little archer is now up to level 18 and just snagged himself an airship pass, so that’s exciting.

I have to say, I really like the way there’s a kind of overarching story in this game so far.  It feels more cohesive than WoW’s… which perhaps is to be expected, since WoW is a colossal beast that’s been growing for the last ten-plus years.  But it’s neat that FFXIV makes you feel like the hero of a single-player game which just so happens to be massively multiplayer.  In WoW, sure, I’m the commander, but I’m well aware of the fact that there are millions of commanders.  FFXIV somehow feels more intimate.  Like you really are special.  It’s a different way to go about it and I’m enjoying the change.

Also, the game is gorgeous.

And my character is gorgeous.

COVW9uKUsAAUfg7.png largeGorgeous.