I’m Trying Out New Unit Frames, Probably Because I Hate Myself

Okay, okay, I don’t really hate myself.  But I kind of hate that I had to spend like an hour putzing around with Shadowed Unit Frames to get it to how I like it.

shadowed ufI feel it pertinent to point out that I’ve been using X-Perl Unit Frames (and recently Z-Perl Unit Frames) for, like, ten years.  I’m a big fan and it has served my needs in basically every way.  Then I got a new monitor and for whatever esoteric reason, this new monitor occasionally causes the lovely 3D portrait of my beautiful blood elf to shapeshift into some sort of face-less eldritch horror.

This bothers me a lot, and I can’t find a fix for it (although if any of you know a fix PLEASE let me know), so I decided to try a new unit frame addon.  Enter Shadowed Unit Frames, which so far are succeeding in NOT turning Althalor into a horrifying monstrosity, much to his relief.

The question now is: can I adapt to a new addon after using a different one for a decade?  Can you teach an old hunter new tricks?

We’ll just have to find out.

2 thoughts on “I’m Trying Out New Unit Frames, Probably Because I Hate Myself”

  1. ::chuckle::

    I did a head to head comparison of all the unit frame addons back during Cata, and even then X-Perl fared badly on the “modern features” scorecard. You take loyalty to new heights! 🙂

    My main beef with all the unit frames right now: they don’t put up a frame for your bodyguard if you have one.

  2. Finally, SUF is updated for 6.2! I’d been hobbling along on the stock frames, since I don’t actively raid anymore. It’s so nice to get a good, clean UI back.

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