Do You Min/Max Your Fantasy Races?

Discussion of racials and their effect on PvP is all the rage right now if MMO-Champion is any indication.  This brings me to my topic of the day: when you roll up your fantastical fictional race (or normal human, if you swing that way), do you take things like racials into consideration?

Because I don’t.  Not in the slightest.

In World of Warcraft, I tend to be drawn to races that I like for various personal reasons.  My love for gnomes and goblins comes from my love of technology, robots, and SCIENCE! in general.  My love for the tauren is because Mulgore reminds me of where I live, and the way they exist in harmony with their homeland is very appealing to me.  And blood elves, well… let’s face it, they’ve got the best lore in the entire Warcraft universe.  I’ve felt that way basically since Kael’thas become a major player in WC III: The Frozen Throne.

Oh, also, blood elves are pretty.

The prettiest, in fact.

Especially the guys.

CLbcPDNVEAASL9v.jpg largeSo yeah.  Orc hunters may min/max out at a slightly higher DPS but if there’s no /flourish then there’s no deal, to be honest!

What about you guys?

One thought on “Do You Min/Max Your Fantasy Races?”

  1. Every once in a while I think, oh, maybe I should try the min-max thing for s&gs. Then I remember that’s not how I generally create characters – I decide I want a particular race/class combo, or I decide I have a character idea for race/class, and go from there.

    Min/maxing will never save somebody from being terrible at their class.

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