I HAVE SOME CONCERNS, aka Screw It, I’ll Play My Mage

There are a lot of things about the impending expansion that I’m not really sold on.  I don’t want to say they’ve turned me off of the game, because obviously we’ve only been aware of this stuff for 24 hours.  There’s a lot that can change between now and, you know, whenever this actually releases in the future.

But, okay.  Like.  Artifact weapons.  They are tied to your spec.  If I want the really cool phoenix bow with the really cool elf lore, I have to be Marksmanship.  But Marksmanship is confirmed for not having a pet in the expansion (similarly, Survival is confirmed for being a melee spec) and that does not appeal to me in the slightest.

So… wat do?

CLEARLY the answer is to play my mage.  At least he’s gonna get Felo’melorn, which I plan on nerding out over in a different post very soon.

Besides, once you start porting everywhere, you can’t go back.

4 thoughts on “I HAVE SOME CONCERNS, aka Screw It, I’ll Play My Mage”

  1. Former Hunter, current Mage that still has a fondness for Hunters. This is most unwelcome news. I only play BM since I just level my Hunter up casually these days, but to make the other two specs (which more serious class players would use) so damn un-Hunter-y is a weird and crappy decision.

  2. Still early days but I like that they make the speccs different. Melee hunters seems a bit strange, but the my main concern is surv gets OP and I have to do melee in raids.

    I did read something that should make Pike happy: “Karazhan is an important place.” 🙂

  3. I’m gonna miss Survival, I really like it vs. Marks (eww, I can’t move around) and vs. BM (pet spazzes out on me sometimes)

    But – you can transmog your Sonic Spear again!

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