World of Warcraft: Legion AKA World of Warcraft: Pike Likes Pretty Elves

So the new expansion has been announced!  Turns out my Council of Glaves guess earlier was wrong, but hey, I kind of sort of called Demon Hunter, right?  Granted I was off on the specifics, but you know, details.

What am I hyped about?  Well I’ll tell you what I’m hyped about BIG HUNKY TOPLESS ELF MEN.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I saved this picture as CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS.jpg
I saved this picture as CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS.jpg

I’m also hyped about some of these weapons we’re getting.  Felo’melorn for my Fire Mage?  Some super awesome looking phoenix bow for Althalor?  Yes.  Sign me up.  SIGN ME UP.

Also Alleria Windrunner?  Only the return of the best Windrunner sister?  I am here for this.

I’m not 100% sold on the overall aesthetic of the expansion yet.  I feel like we’ve been fighting the Burning Legion for approximately 1295862345 years, and I’m not really into this dusky magical night elf stuff (give me more of my lovely blood elves every day).  But hey, I’m sure we’ll be getting more details in the future.  For now I’m sort of cautiously hyped more than super hyped.  Thanks to WoW Token I feel like I can sort of fund my sub indefinitely so hey, might as well play a new expansion, right?

What are you guys thinkin’?

4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Legion AKA World of Warcraft: Pike Likes Pretty Elves”

  1. I love elves. Love them. All of them, but, Night Elves have a special place in my heart ever since Warcraft 3. I have been waiting for this expansion. For Illidan & Maiev. To explore Suramar and the Broken Isles. To finish that story.
    Not only are they delivering all that, they have added a new NPC race of elves, more Naga, Thas’dorah – all of the artifact weapons, and the Demon Hunter class.

    I am so exited that I know I am setting myself up to be disappointed.

  2. Here’s the thing, and there’s no getting past it. The final battle with the Legion has been foretold. We know it’s coming. We even have a strong suspicion that young Anduin will play a big part in it, by Velen’s visions.

    And we’ve known since forever that the Legion is coming for us.

    So until that big bogeyman is dealt with, we’re really locked in this cycle of mustache-twirling Legionary villains that never seem to go away for good. How many times we seen Mannoroth die? Almost too many for a troll to count on one hand! Anyway the point being that these guys are just gonna keep coming back until we do something about them.

    Although given Illibeans’ reappearance, I have a hard time believing that *anyone* can die in this game. Including Arthas, who will be the surprise end boss for this expansion, mark my words.

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