Sometimes The Anxiety Just Comes And Smacks You Like a Truck

I have occasionally mentioned both here and elsewhere the anxiety problems that have plagued me throughout my life.  For the most part I managed to get this under control thanks to the amazing modern wonder that is medication, but sometimes it just sneaks up you anyway.  These last few days have been like that.

BMOIt’s been difficult to focus on, well, pretty much anything.  Logging into WoW is followed by logging out 15 minutes later, not because I don’t want to play or don’t have anything to do, but because I feel like too much of a basket case to do anything.  I did manage to play some Warcraft 3 the other day.  I think that game works nicely as a distraction because, as an RTS, it forces you to pay attention to it and only it.  So that was helpful, at least.

There’s no real point of this post other than to say that I’m still here, just having “technical difficulties”.    Hopefully it all passes soon, because I just want to play video games!


Fortunately I think it’s beginning to (slowly) subside, so hopefully there will be some more gaming time today. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sometimes The Anxiety Just Comes And Smacks You Like a Truck”

  1. I think my (untreated) anxiety manifests differently, in that while I tend to disconnect when things get overwhelming, I also get very, very angry at everyone else for making me feel this way (evidence supporting or NOT.).

    But my coping mechanism is similar to your. Hello Civ. Hello Sins of the Solar Empire. Let’s bring the world/galaxy under our iron thumb.

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