“Starting From Scratch”

So Blizzard released a poll asking what class you’d make if you were starting completely from scratch.

blizzard poll…seriously did you guys think I was going to say anything else?

My alts are really fun though, as I mentioned in my last post.  My paladin got some sort of execute and it’s just absurd how fast things die.  But if I were going to start from scratch and make a new main, there’s only one class for me.

I mean, clearly.

If I was forced to pick a different class, I’m honestly not sure what I’d say.  Possibly druid?  But right now I’m kind of hugely in love with my mage and spoiled by teleport so maybe that.

How about you guys?

4 thoughts on ““Starting From Scratch””

  1. I accidentally recovered my long-lost WoW account today (might get round to blogging about that sometime) and the first thing I did was make a new dwarf Hunter since my existing one is too high to play for free. Didn’t even pick a different race.

    If it wasn’t that it’d be a Warlock. I do like the pets.

  2. I started playing Monk back in Mists and never stopped. The tank and healer design is more coherent than any other I’ve played, and all three specs have huge depth to them.

    Also, Fucking Ox Statue. Every other tank wishes they had this bullshit. Warriors have to blow a 3 minute CD to get anything close. I can’t imagine how much stress this thing must save newbie tanks.

    I have three Monks now; a human, a blood elf, and a night elf I’m almost done leveling because I want an alliance tank and I hate juggling specs.

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