My SECOND favorite raid is…

It’s no real secret that my favorite raid in the entire game is Karazhan. But what’s my second favorite?

latestThis guy right here.  Naxxramas, my friends.  Naxx is brilliant.  Just utterly brilliant.

Now, I never did do the level 60 version, so my experience with Naxx comes from Wrath of the Lich King.  And friends, I know it’s hard to believe now because years later I think most people consider WotLK to be one of the major high points of WoW (if not the high point), but I tell you what, at the time there was a LOT of griping about the expansion and this raid in particular.  See, Wrath launched with three raids.  Two of them could be done in like twenty minutes, and the third was Naxx.  So everyone spent months in Naxx and everyone got tired of it.

Except for me!

naxxLook at these bosses.  I just love them all.  Want one of the greatest boss encounters in the entire game?  Here’s Four Horsemen.  Want to test your DPS on a Patchwerk fight?  Well I’ve got some great news for you, this is where the term Patchwerk fight came from!  Want to Safety Dance?  Say hello to Heigan.  Want Warcraft 3 lore goodness?  Kel’Thuzad and Sapphiron are right here!

Everything about this raid is great.  I love the design in its simplicity and elegance.  And you know, I was never too big into the 2spooky Halloween aesthetic, but if you’re gonna do it, this is how you do it.

Oh, also, Mr. Bigglesworth.  The most important part of the raid, bar none.

So yes, Naxxramas.  Learn to love it if you don’t already, because it’s just fantastic.


P.S. I also did this raid on my druid and two-healing Patchwerk (on ten man) was the most intense fight of my life.

4 thoughts on “My SECOND favorite raid is…”

  1. My fondest memories of Naxx were back when I did 25-man social runs starting at midnight Saturday. This was back on Feathermoon, so I want to say Night Raiders..? The guild was mostly Aussies, on a US realm, but apparently EU prime time was the most convenient for the most people.

    Back then Naxx was the perfect difficulty for a bunch of people who could mostly play to jump in and screw around for a few hours. Most fights had a single gimmick that you could pass by yelling at the appropriate raider to do whatever the mechanic was, or by having just one or two skilled players to take care of the hard bit.

  2. While I am very fond of Naxx, I maintain that Ulduar was the most awesome raid of all time. Someday I may essplain myself.

    Our guild cleared 10-man Naxx with two healers. My priest was rocking the Disco for this, and I’m pretty happy with that choice. This raid had just the right mix of massive healing fights, mitigation fights, and interrupts / undebuffs to keep everyone personally involved.

    Naxx is 2nd place in my pantheon on the strength of its excellent balance and mechanics. Ulduar and Kara have their places on pure awesomeness.

  3. OH MY GOSH NAXX. I healed horsemen on my disc priest and just about shat myself, IIRC (I’d been DPSing Icecrown Citadel on my warlock and Marrowgar REALLY LOVED HER but hadn’t done much on my priest).

    Naxx is fun. I didn’t do the level 60 version either (kind of wish I had), but still have some fond memories of having my hand held through there by my old guild and basically being like :O at the whole thing. You have good taste!

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