Apparently Blizzard Trademarked a New Thing. Let’s Take a Look.

DISCLAIMER: This could all be fake.  But it looks real to me so for now let’s roll with it.  I can’t think of anything else to write about today anyway.

So yeah, apparently Blizzard trademarked a new thing.  It’s called “Council of Glades” and it’s being trademarked as computer game software, i.e. not a book.

The million dollar question relevant to WoW players is, of course, is it Warcraft related?  My money is on yes, and here’s why:

  • The Council of Tirisfal is a thing in lore.  Tirisfal Glades is a thing in game.  Thus, Council of Glades.
  • StarCraft 2 is already getting its (final, I think) expansion.
  • It doesn’t really sound Diablo related to me.  Councils exist, but I’m not so sure about glades.   But who knows, I guess?

This brings us to four possibilities: A WoW expansion, a Hearthstone expansion, something involving HotS, or something entirely new.  Hearthstone just got a new thing and I don’t really see Blizzard doing anything completely new with the Warcraft universe, since Hearthstone is still pretty young.  It might be HotS, but that’s not nearly as exciting as wild speculation.  (Although I would sell a kidney for a Medivh hero.)

So, let’s see here:

  • Medivh was (is?) in the Council of Tirisfal
  • Medivh is connected to Khadgar
  • We were just reintroduced to Khadgar
  • It’s about time for a WoW expac announcement
  • “Council of Glades”




3 thoughts on “Apparently Blizzard Trademarked a New Thing. Let’s Take a Look.”

  1. Dammit, my heart skipped a beat when I read the name of the trademark, but then when I read your speculation – together with that mysterious tweet about Kara earlier in the week – I felt sure you were on the right track.

    At least, more on the right track than my initial hope, which was my long-dreamt-of expansion themed around the Cenarion Circle and druids everywhere. Probably also incorporating the Emerald Dream.

    Ah well.

    Karazhan is still an exciting theme!

  2. This sounds plausable. I want some juicy info on the next xpack, asap! They’ve done trolls, orcs, blood elves (a bit), and this sounds taurenish. Why can’t they make a gnomish expansion soon? And I want my gnome hunter, maybe it will finally happen in this xpack! 🙂

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