Live to win ’til you die

So I’ve been doing this newfangled pet battling stuff all morning.  When it all first went live in… MoP, I believe, I only played WoW for a couple of months so I didn’t get much of a chance to mess with it at all.  But seeing as now I’ve had a menagerie sitting in my garrison for six months I figured it was finally time to do something about it.  To that end, I’ve been slowly working up a team to hopefully take on a variety of challengers.

This Sunday SUNDAY, we have NUTS the Squirrel, CURATOR the… uh, robot custodian, and the oh so rare SPIRIT OF COMPETITION… in a FIGHT YOU WON’T BELIEVE VERSUS…

…a cult leader, apparently?

CGLq5dhUYAADGn5.jpg large

And also a guy in (old) Shadowmoon Valley who I have no argument with.

Sounds accurate to me!
Sounds accurate to me!

Anyways, it’s pretty fun.  And pretty frustrating because after a while it starts to get difficult.  It’s like Pokemon with type strengths and weaknesses and everything and having three max level pets when you should really have, like… at least one of each type is, um, tough, to say the least.

BUT HEY, at least someday, eventually, I’ll be able to beat the guys in my garrison!  …maybe!