There are a couple of things that Blizzard always gets right

One of those things is cinematics.  Because oh, Blizzard has got a flair for those.  Who among us who played Warcraft III doesn’t get chills at Arthas’ betrayal at the end of the Human Campaign?

Next up is music.  There have been too many talented composers at Blizzard over the years to name them all here alongside their contributions, but I feel that Blizzard games have some of the best soundtracks you will find in any video game.  From the infamous Terran theme in Starcraft to the bouncy and jingoistic Warcraft II music (heard today in pet battles), to all the multitude of melodies that you’ll here in World of Warcraft today – I just love it all.

My favorite music, of course, resides in my favorite raid:

Mmm. Just listening to it brings me back.

Tell me of your favorite Blizzard tunes!

One thought on “There are a couple of things that Blizzard always gets right”

  1. Most of WoW’s music is amazing but I don’t know if they will ever top Northrend. Howling Fjord, Storm Peaks, Icecrown, Grizzy Hills, all amazing!

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