Top Six Things I Want To See At BlizzCon

1. Gnome hunters.

2. The ability to be a subrace (like a Dark Iron/Wildhammer Dwarf, Mag’har Orc, etc.)

3. Gnome-based expansion pack announced.  (Alternatively, Blizzard should just hire this guy.)

4. Cross-faction partying if you so desire, because apparently 98% of my friends started playing Alliance when I started playing Horde.  Also, cross-faction Alterac Valley so I can actually win it for once.

5. …flying in Draenor?  Please?  Seriously, how long has the expac been out?  (I didn’t have a problem with it whilst leveling but now that I’m max, c’mon Blizz.  Ain’t nobody got time to run around for an hour every time you do a Garrison Harrison quest.)



Honorable Mention: New Diablo III expac.

Tell me, my friends, what do YOU want to see?

5 thoughts on “Top Six Things I Want To See At BlizzCon”

  1. Warcraft IV would be awesome, but I would be equally happy with a remastered Reign of Chaos/Frozen Throne, done up in the SCII engine. Don’t Lucas anything, keep all the stories the same, just update the graphics.

    Speaking of SCII, please consider dusting off Ghost and improving it? Please? My life for Auir.

    Unlimited stable slots…perhaps impractical, but how about enough slots to have one of each family?

    Yes, flying in Draenor. It was nice seeing it from the ground…twice (Once on both factions). After four romps through it it’s getting kind of tiresome.

  2. I would LOVE a gnome hunter. If they ever happen, their starter pet needs to be a Mechanostrider.

  3. Honestly I’m not sure what, if anything, could grip me enough to pull me back.

    How about veteran account being able to use realid chat (seriously, I can use it from the bnet screen, don’t make me stay logged out to talk to friends)

    While we are at it, a realid phone app.

    Also, I’m totally in agreement on cross faction play, at least in scenarios/dungeons/raids.

  4. Love the idea of a Gnome Hunter with a mechanical pet. What would you feed it though? Now that could also put some interesting twists in Engineering. So many people I know who play Hunters are Skinners/Leatherworkers because “it makes sense”. A change there would be good too.

    Cross faction groups? Yes please! Especially if there are ways to trade gear. Would love to see some Alliance/Horde traded transmogs . . . Like an Orc in Stormwind guard gear maybe?

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