The Biggest Baddest World You’ve Ever Seen…

…is smaller than a tear.”

(Betcha didn’t know the guy from Blues Clues writes awesome music now.)

So the other day I was doing Warlock quests, because apparently ‘locks get about five-million class-specific quests, and I found this area in Desolace that I’d never seen before:

As you can imagine, I was quite shocked by this revelation. Places in the game that I hadn’t seen before, after three years of playing? AWESOME.

Then I remembered that I’ve never seen all of Bloodmyst Isle. Ever. I fail at leveling in the draenei starting area, and this was my main’s view of the map:


So I decided to go check it out.

…then I got distracted by curling, which is the Greatest Thing I Didn’t Know Existed Until The Winter Olympics.

…so I waited to go check it out until this morning instead. /cough

Wash and I went exploring and I took about a dozen screenshots. Here’s the best:

A world of mushrooms. How peculiar! It was like something out of Alice and Wonderland.

Oooo, shiny floaty crystals.

This gave me awesome Tempest Keep flashbacks and made me happy. But it was only the beginning…

…because THIS was absolutely massive, and surrounded by elites. I was impressed.

This one was filled with little voidwalkers and reminded me of that Oshu’gun place in Nagrand. <3

Look, Krizzlybear! I’ve found the homeland of the fabled Big Red Water Elementals!

I liked the way this little statue thing was shaped like a dragon.

Topped it all off with a lovely sunset. <3 I don't think I managed to find every nook and cranny of the place, but I saw a lot of neat things, so I'm pretty satisfied.

20 thoughts on “The Biggest Baddest World You’ve Ever Seen…”

  1. If you like the dragon marker, head to the Burning Steppes. They are every where there. I used to farm Black Dragonscales back in the day there.

  2. The guy from Blues Clues? Kevin? 😮 Or is this the American Blues Clues.. I just remembered they did that *sadface*

    Actually think Bloodmyst Isle is the best 10-20 zone to level in and it is pretty in its’ own strange way. I’ve only levelled there once on my Draenei hunter and it seemed to fly by but all the red got a little annoying after a while.

  3. I’m surprised that you didn’t have “The Explorer” title. It’s the only title/achievement that I have actively worked hard to get. I think it’s the role player coming out in me. Dwarf hunter…Explorer’s league etc. I now have a bunch of titles….Argent Champ, The Patient, Champ of Frozen Wastes, etc etc…..but I ALWAYS use Omogon the Explorer. I just love seeing everything and find myself doing the same thing on my Druid………I’m never happy until all the map is uncovered and I know what’s around that corner, in that cave etc 🙂

  4. Yeah, is kinda like Plaguelands lite tucked away in Desolace. Don’t think I’s ever found a quest fer to go there, or any of me Alliance friends neithers. Maybe some leftover sideshow from the third war, like RFD. /shrug

  5. The Explorer title was a fantastic way to see stuff I didn’t have to visit while questing. Did you go out onto the reef on Bloodmist? “Discovering” that reef was hard. Even at level 80, I still marvel when I find something that I didn’t know existed.

    I was on my cow yesterday to finish off a level and had to do a quest at Beren’s Peril. I have been everywhere on my hunter in Silverpine Forest, but I had never been to Beren’s Peril. I have no reason to go there so I was amazed that small spot of land actually has a name.

    I think that’s one of the most exciting things about this game, that no matter how long you have played, there are still probably some nooks and crannies you have not “Discovered”.

  6. Pike, that’s kinda how I feel about Azshara! (Finding Nooks and crannies/etc)

    I love that place, even if the cliff can be a pain. =(

  7. I love that part of Desolace, it just seems out of place amid all the dusty greys of the rest of the zone. I read somewhere (possibly WoWhead?), that it was originally going to part of a quest for the warlock lv 40 (now 20) mount but in the end it wasn’t added to the game. Even so, sometimes when I’m bored I take my warlock plus demonic horsie to visit the felsteeds still stabled there. Hopefully, when Cataclysm comes they will do something with it rather than just make it disappear under a lava flow.

  8. Women’s Curling is, like, the only sport I’ve seen in the Olympics so far. And I don’t know why I’m so addicted to it.

    But yeah, the Draenei starting area is my favorite. I sent all of my ickle toonies there to level.

  9. Lovely photos I enjoy those areas in game too. I love to explore within WOW.

    Oh definitely knew about ‘Steve’ (real name Steve Burns,) Then reasons is simple, when he was on Blues Clues my daughter loved watching him. She was three years old at the time, and so I pulled up info about him. I learned a lot, he was always talented musically and although we missed seeing him on Blues Clues I was happy that he was pursuing his dreams. 🙂

  10. Oh, Pike. You never levelled a Draenei hunter to the end of the starting areas? Low level ravagers to tame, and the creepiest spiders anywhere? Not to mention the KURKEN? (not that you can tame him at low level, he’s an exotic.)

    But most of all… The last Draenei-only group escort quest is epic! (simple to solo when you already have a couple of instance rewards.) I like the Tabard of the Hand reward as much as any other tabard I’ve ever owned, the crossbow is funky awesome, (my lvl 35 warrior still uses it because I like the look of it so much) and there has never been another quest ANYWHERE which gave me such warm fuzzies of feeling appreciated, like when I turned that quest in.

    Truly, it is worth a few hours of your time to see the place as an actual starting area.

  11. It’s always fun to find new spots, or see old ones in a new way. Did you take a boat ride in Darnassus during the holiday? It was incredible to see this so-familiar city that way. Reminded me how pretty it really is.

  12. Ghostcrawler: Frost mages are qq’ing again.

    Zharym: How so?

    Ghostcrawler: Their pets aren’t performing well enough to push their dps back to par with arcane and fire.

    Zharym: So you’re saying improve their pets?

    Ghostcrawler: Yes.

    Zharym: How about giving them different-coloured water elementals?

    Ghostcrawler: Sure.

    Zharym: k done. Wanna hang out on your yacht later?

    Ghostcrawler: lol k.

  13. Very cool! There’s another ‘hidden’ area like that in eastern Winterspring, and and another in Blasted Lands. Also there’s Fray Island off the coast of the Barrens. And did you find the pirate cove in Arathi Highlands behind the castle?

  14. Hi Pike, nice pictures. On most of your pictures you are on your mount and have your pet next to you. I’m pretty sure my pet just fades away when I get on my mount. How do you do it?

  15. @Thann:
    Yes, your pet is disappearing when you are on your mount. But if you are sitting on your mount when you get ported to a battleground or pug or something and there have your pet out the moment you leave, it stays with you when you get ported back and are sitting on your mount again.

  16. I had that sort of moment when filling out my map of Ashenvale last week. I was shocked there were actually two tucked away places — at either corner of the map — that I had never managed to quest through or stumble upon. I love that even after 4 years of playing that can happen. It’s truly a big world.

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