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I’ve been trying to get some raiding done before my account expires– gonna go out with a bang and all that!

10-man ICC is, I am very glad to say, not nearly as lag-erffic as the 25-man version. I did the first four bosses with Tawyn. I liked the Gunship Battle simply because it was airships and I like those (Pike’s Law: anything can always be made more awesome with airships), but the Saurfang battle directly afterwards made me even happier.

Cause I really wasn’t sure what to get and suddenly these adds came out and one was running toward me and without second thought I was Concussive Shot’ing, kiting, jump-shotting… oooh. It felt good. When was the last time we had to do that in a raid? Like… Gluth? (I hated kiting on Gluth by the way. Haaaaated. I always prodded the DKs into doing it.)

But yeah, it was awesome fun, and a great feeling.

Then yesterday I healed a 25man ToC with my Tree.

…apparently I’ve been using rank 13 Rejuvenation. For months. (15 is the max rank.)

I would like to thank the random PuG member with RankWatch for pointing this out. This explains a lot. *cries tree tears*

ToC got hilariously easy by the way, now that everyone pretty much overgears it. Aaaanyways.

I like healing. I’m gonna miss it. <3

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  1. /confused

    how do you not use the max rank of a spell? the only way to cast a specific spell rank is by specifying the rank in a macro… and you don’t have to specify the rank if you just want to cast the maximum rank.

  2. The action bars tend to bug out when using the LFG tool and will have a lower rank instead of the higher rank. My shaman had this problem once when I was using Rank 3 Water Shield intead of Rank 5.

  3. And if you level with a dual-spec, the bars on your non-active spec wont be automatically updated like they do in your active spec. You actually have to go in and change them to the correct rank manually.

    This is the main reason I run with Rankwatch myself – I always forget about it on my alts.

  4. Well I know it certainly wouldn’t be interesting to see this blog if you forced yourself to play wow- get the things in your life that take priority (whether work or play) in line and when or if you feel like coming back to wow, we’ll be glad to have you back- and on a side note: I can’t see how people find healing fun, but when I find these people its best to keep em happy- if you know what I mean. So I think I can speak for your guild and say: do what you like and when you are ready to start throwing tree stuff and them again they will be happy to see you again as well.

  5. I’m on my way out too, not because the game sucks but to allocate the funds elsewhere. Your blog has been a lot of fun and I wish you the best. Let’s hope Cataclysm brings us all back together, eh? It’s a nice thought anyway… =)

    Psh, hunters with focus… Back in my day…

  6. rankwatch has solved a bunch of guildies healing problems. most of the time it is because they have dual spec’d to healy to help get into runs, we have way too many dps.
    but yeah, isn’t blood beasts awesome? i love that fight.

  7. Don’t worry. I just found out that I was using lower rank heals on my pally. Maybe that was why I was having major trouble healing TotC…

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