Pork n’ Beans – Video Edition

So I took my post from a few weeks back, tossed it into a video editor and added the music. Just in case anyone’s interested ^_^

(I call this “Things I’m Doing With my Film Degree, Part Two.” “Part One” was the Bunny Movie.)

11 thoughts on “Pork n’ Beans – Video Edition”

  1. You linked that bunny movie again!!

    Ugg. Every time it makes me cry. Something about the music and images just make me all blubbery inside…the pure fun, excitement, rooting for this little bunny,… the shear hope of getting to a long distance tough goal.

    I love this new video. It didn’t make this grumpy warlock cry. =P

  2. Really nice song and drawings. Btw, have you ever considered advertising? 🙂 You got some talent there.

  3. any chance u could put that on itunes? xD i wanna put it on my ipod
    *or kno where i might beable to get a download* :p i loved it

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