This Is What I'm Doing With My Film Degree

Before you ask…

– The song is called “Bucket!” and I wrote it. A 100%-Pike creation I made in 2003 when screwing around with a program that was then called FruityLoops. The original movie of this that I made used the songs “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash and “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers but YouTube threw copyright notices in my face and disabled the music, so in protest I am using an original song that I’ve been sitting on for years, waiting for a good time to use it. I think it works well.

– Yes I know there’s easier methods to get this achievement. Not nearly so fun though!

– See the big shadows on the ground starting at 3:38? There are supposed to be buildings there. And people wonder why I eat flame walls… *mutters*

20 thoughts on “This Is What I'm Doing With My Film Degree”

  1. I felt so bad when you got to ungoro and lost the bunny buff! I teleported myself to Tanaris, but miss-clicked and started to mount up before i left town. I had to have someone come down to help me, too.

    Adorable music, btw.

  2. I cant believe you made it that far and then your buff wore off .
    but that was nice cutie music goes well for bunny walkin

  3. I love the music. Great background, and really catchy. 🙂

    My husband and I both laid our eggs -in- the water for the achievement…it just seemed more appropriate that way. ^.^

  4. Aah I’ve got the music stuck in my head!

    Doo, doo, de-doobe doo-be-doo! Doo, doo, de-doobe doo-be-doo! *bops along*

  5. heehee so cute! Lovely song, Pike!

    You did take the long way about it – most people who didn’t want to drag someone with them just took the portal to CoT – but the trip was worth the watch regardless. At least we know how long it takes to hoof it from Exodar to Un’Goro – about an hour!

  6. I cheated on Xanth (L80) and had a guildie who was there bunny-ize me, but for Revn I had to run all the way there. At level 2. I made him on the second day of the festival, so I decided to make it my first challenge: Get the Noble title, even if I never use it on him.

    It was actually pretty fun running everywhere. I ran as a ghost mostly, then relogged to rez at towns with flight paths. All he has left to do is hit the Badlands and plant flowers, and give ears to the Alliance girls. Now that was a fun challenge!

  7. Wow quite the journey you had! I bet your little bunny feet were sore after all that hopping. ^_^

    I traveled in bunny form too, but not nearly as far. I had my Gadetzan transporter and luckily it worked in bunnah form w/out breaking.

  8. I too travelled all the way from Razor Hill to Un’Goro and got the achievement (my bunny didn’t break). I thought it was fun and much better than simple getting someone to change me when I got there.
    Just made a whole adventure out of it!

  9. I read the description first….then started watching it.

    My first reaction was: “OMG she didn’t!”

    You did….

    Must of taken forever, but big grats on doing it in such an original, non-social, boring way. 😀 Must’ve taken forever…but at least you didn’t have to spam trade for someone to go with you just for that person to half out on you after you’ve turned them into a rabit…like some people…
    Grats and the music was awesome! 😀

  10. This is a wonderful movie! I loved the hopping bunneh thru all the zones and was heart broken when the buff wore off.
    What a fun thing to do!

  11. Hahaha, awesome!

    Though the music sounded more like Just Can’t Get Enough, which is perhaps a bit ironic or even cruel given that trek.

    Do you play that while bounding around like a crazy person on your mechanostrider?

  12. @ Noah – I had never heard “Just Can’t Get Enough” before so I looked it up and dang. Sort of embarrassing how similar I managed to make my song sound. D=

    And when I’m on my mechanostrider I listen to… the Chocobo theme of course!

  13. I love it!! I was cheering for the bunny the whole way!!I love the title and song and just everything. It made my eyes water in cuteness. *huggles* Thank you for sharing in your fun.

  14. Oooh, really adorable work! And that music is infectious! In a good way, of course. 🙂

    I like your UI as well, what add-on is that?

  15. …>.> <.<

    Did I cheat?

    I had Link escort me, and I put on Aspect of the Pack before being turned into a bunny. 30% increased movespeed got me there in no time.

    Although I was going from Mulgore…

  16. @Rosiel
    To my knowledge(and this is kinda funny, really) this is almost the same as my Ui, jsut a different layout. It seems like she’s using Dominoes and XPearl along with some hidden ones(Omen and Recount, no doubt).

  17. @ Klin – I probably should have had a pet out for Kindred Spirits but I thought it would be cuter if it was the bunny alone vs. the world =P

    @ Rosiel – XPerl Unit Frames and Stellar Bars!

  18. I did the exact same run and as I got on the boat to Auberdine there was another bunny there. She sent me a whisper and asked if I was equally crazy and planning on hopping all the way to the crater. Yes, indeedy! We hopped together and I wish I had aspect of the pack on for the trip; while planning the solo bunny excursion I had put on cheetah before becoming a bunny. I took off my aspect so that I did not out pace her and we got right to the zone of Un’Goro before it wore off. =(

    Still it was a fun trip and I made a new friend. =)

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