…and number four. And number five.

Sooo, I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I’ve kinda been on WoW hiatus lately. Hence the rather spartan blog post schedule.

It’s not that I decided WoW is boring or I don’t like it anymore, oh no. I love WoW. But I’ve simply found that writing and drawing is more fun at the moment. So other than logging on for a raid every so often, I’ve mostly been AWOL.

Then I realized something. Namely, today is the day my Recruit-a-Friend ends.

Dang. I wish I coulda somehow put that on pause through, ya know, ALL OF NOVEMBER when I was doing my NaNo. But ah well. It is what it is, right?

Sooo I promptly opened up two WoW windows, logged in, and ran around like an excited uromastyx (dontcha just love my similes?) trying to reach a little goal I had in mind with my main RaF project. The result:


Man I love Recruit-a-Friend. Yesterday these characters were like, level 55 and 56 respectively, and here they are all-growed-up and headin’ to Outlands after a mere three quests in Silithus. (To be fair, all Silithus quests are “Kill a billion of these, and another billion of these, and each time you kill one something else randomly spawns”, so that may have had something to do with it, but you know.)

Umm yeah so this is another hunter and another resto druid. SHUT UP >_>

Anyways, I managed to hit the big “five-eight” literally a minute or two before the battle.net Account Management page told me my RaF would end (they conveniently tell you not only the date, but also the exact time and time zone). This was followed by the pleasant surprise, though, that Blizzard is apparently not super accurate with this so I wound up heading to Hellfire and getting to 59 (or very close to it) and still having RaF active. I was also able to do that “Grant-a-Level” thing and distribute free levels to a bunch of lowbie alts of various classes I had hanging around. Dunno if these alts are ever gonna see any playtime, but hey, now I’ve got a veritable army of Hordies all sitting between levels 10 and 15, and it’s kind of neat. One of them is a shaman and one of them is a priest and I haven’t played either class past level 8 before. Hrmm.

I considered continuing to plug away at Hellfire and see how long my luck would last with the mysteriously-tenacious Recruit-a-Friend, but I got hungry so I logged out to eat and write this blog post. Exciting! …sorta. *shifty eyes*

…well, that’s all really. It was TL;DR, I know. NEXT TIME: Pike’s Five Most Epic WoW Moments That Do Not Involve Boss Fights.

But for now… *scoots away to write n’ stuff*

21 thoughts on “…and number four. And number five.”

  1. That’s pretty crazy. I just got my Priest to Northrend myself, 4th toon this one was. Somehow, I managed to hit 71 without setting foot in BT or HF yet. The quests in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley are SO EASY with flying mounts.

    Seriously. Flying at 60 is the most broken thing to ever happen to levelling.

  2. My father did the RaF thing, and man was it messed up. He ended up getting about 10 characters up to 60 through just leveling and the add-a-level thing. Now he doesn’t even really play anymore, and if I remember right, that is even his EU account he closed before he closed his US one. Kind of sad.

    For you however, Pike, congrats on getting to OL with those two, even with NaNo going on! 😀


    Unless something unforeseen happens, I’ll coincidentally be getting myself a Uromastyx this Saturday. Long story, so I won’t bore you and your reader base with it. (Don’t know why I’m posting this at all, in fact.)

    I love it when you use real-life critters as analogies or mention them in other contexts. Since I’m a herp guy, I particularly like it when I see you talk about our scalier friends.

    Yet another reason I really like your writings, Ms. Pike. 🙂

  4. Congrats Pike!

    By the way, I hope to see you in-game this week. I want your mad skillz in my Icecrown raids! 😀

  5. I’ve asked multiple places about this and searched WoW site and haven’t found anything. I’m hoping perhaps you or someone else can help me with this. How do you grant levels with the recruit a friend (can you give some what specific details)? Does your friend need to grant those levels or are you able to grant them to yourself? I ask because I’m about to invite a friend and I want to make the most use of them (last time I did RAF I had no idea about level granting)?


  6. @ Christian D – the “Recruited” character is able to give levels to lower-level characters on the “Recruiter’s” account. I was able to give them to “myself” because I own both accounts. I don’t think you can give them to yourself if it is your friend who you are recruiting (your friend would be giving levels to you)

    Basically your friend goes up to one of your low-level characters in the same party, right clicks on your portrait, and goes to “Grant a Level”. They can give one level for every two that they earn up to level 60 for a maximum of 30 levels. I’m not sure if you can do it with multiple characters or not.

  7. @ Will – I find myself curious what type of uromastyx you are getting! (also congrats!) =D

    @ lonomonkey – An excited uromastyx is the funniest thing in the world. They get all hyper and awesome.

  8. It’s (don’t know which sex it is at this point) an Egyptian Uromastyx, and it’s about three years old.

    I have a dear friend who’s going to be moving in the coming months, and space is going to be a limitation where she’s going. As such, she has to relieve herself of some of her personal pets, and she’s trusting me with this particular lizard.

    And my bearded dragon and leopard geckos are pretty neat when they get excited, too. 😉

  9. If you’re gonna level either (the priest or the shaman) I loved levelling shadow priest the first time around.

    Also, what else would you level aside from hunter? ;p

  10. @ Will – Hee, the Egyptians are cute cause they start out so little and get so big! ^_^ Someday, I plan on owning a chameleon. Specifically, a female Jackson’s chameleon (I’ve put a lot of thought into this… *geek*)

    @ Jaedia – I’d level another druid. >_>

    @ Wolfdog – I’m quite flattered, and I’ll see what I can do, but it’s a little difficult to write about a patch when I’m hardly playing the game D=

  11. I’ve always enjoyed getting my pets as babies and watching them grow up. My beardie and one of the leopard geckos were acquired as hatchlings.

    With the Uro, however, the circumstances are a bit different, and as I care deeply about this friend, I’m more than happy to accept the lizard from her. And he or she will become as much a part of the family as the other pets. 🙂

    And I have a feeling that you have a name picked out already for the chameleon. Don’t you? 😉

    You want to know what’s “geeky”? My secret (well, not so secret anymore) internal fanboy reaction that you’re responding directly to my comments. That’s so cool!

  12. @ Will – D’aww, I feel special!

    As for the chameleon name, I’m undecided, though I have seriously considered Susie after the Suse Linux Distro which uses a chameleon as a mascot >_>

  13. I like for my Hunter pets to have referential names. I had fun a couple of nights ago having a Guildie guess why my gorilla is named “Willis”, for example. (She didn’t get it; I had to tell her.)

    But my real-life pets usually have names that I just thought were neat or fit at the time.

    And yeah; you’re special. One of my favorite bloggers, but it’s only recently that I’ve mustered the courage to start leaving comments. I’m the guy that left the “TARDIS” comment on your other blog a few posts back, but since I don’t have a LiveJournal account, all my comments over there have to be Anonymous, so I’ll probably keep my comments over here.

    Of course, now I’m worried that I’m going to comment too much, and then you’ll get mad at me for not shutting up. >.<

  14. Pike,

    Are u going to apply for job with wow.com? They have opening for a hunter writer. I think u should!

  15. I immediately pictured you with that big goofy smile plastered across your face, body raised, tail up and maybe twitching a bit, staring intently at … a cricket. Which is when I realized I was picturing a leopard gecko.

    I think it’s the goofy smile that they share with uro’s that did it. *grin*

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