A Very Merry Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that are celebrating it today (such as yours truly!) In honor of the day, I present to you a short list of things in WoW that I am grateful for:

  • 30 minute hearthstone. Yeah, yeah, we can all get together and talk about how “back in the day we had an hour long hearthstone and mounts at 40 and we had to walk through the Wetlands at level 6 to get to Stormwind from Darnassus”, but really, would YOU go back to having an hour long hearthstone? I didn’t think so ;D
  • Mechanostriders
  • Memories of the greatest raid in the world
  • All the friends, guildmates past and present, Twitterati, and fun people I have met through playing this game and blogging about it
  • Lil’ KT iceblocking something and cackling
  • Applebough, and dancing with him when I am on my Tree Druid.
  • Tree /cower
  • The Skybreaker, because guys, I seriously love the Horde, but the Alliance just owned the Horde in the airship department. Balloons are so last week.
  • The Safety Dance. I swear it’s WoW-related. See?
  • Addons that I couldn’t live without
  • The 30-39 and 40-49 battleground brackets. Post-twinks (for the most part), pre-Death Knights. Sooo delicious.
  • The fact that Argent Tournament dailies, while they make me want to bang my head into a wall, still somehow succeed in being over nine thousand times more tolerable than the Shattered Sun dailies
  • Coming up with the perfect name for new pets
  • Putting something expensive in the Auction House and waiting for the little mail icon next to your map to light up
  • Heroic Mech and running it a million times for a tank friend
  • Druid Epic Flight Form quest… quite possibly the best questline in the game.
  • The Mag’har, because they actually made Nagrand awesome, oh and while we’re at it,
  • Defending/attacking Halaa
  • Onyxia Whelpling
  • Baby Murlocs
  • Female Tauren, because we look awesome and there aren’t enough of us!
  • Snowman Costume, Picnic Basket, Orb of the Blackwhelp, Steam Tonks, Pygmy Oil, Haunted Memento, and all the other toys I carry around in my backpack

I could keep going, but alas, I should keep this list a decently manageable length before it turns into my blogroll or something. Above all though, thank you Blizzard for making an awesomely fun game, and thank you to all of you for reading and sticking around this long ^_^

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  1. O: I must say, I was inspired by this post on Thanksgiving, and really wanted to do one similar. But I wasn’t sure if I could just link-back here stating where I had got the idea from or not. >< I probably should have buuut alas, I am commenting late and felt like telling you :<

    Take care, Pike. ^^

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