Thunder Bluff is a Pain to Grind Rep For

Between a really big questline in Mulgore that ended up being available to Tauren-only, and a further long questline in Winterspring that used to give Thunder Bluff rep but no longer does because it was opened up to both factions, this one was a toughy and I resorted to buying about 40 stacks of Runecloth to slog through the final stretch.

But at long last, my inner RP geek is satisfied on yet another character!


I keep thinking “So, about that ‘of Thunder Bluff’ title that I can get at the Argent Tournament,” and then chastising myself with “WHOA THERE PIKE, one level at a time.”

12 thoughts on “Thunder Bluff is a Pain to Grind Rep For”

  1. I had a tauren and I didn’t get exaulted with thunderbluff through the normal means.

    You can get rep through the argent tournament. But I’m not sure exactly how much.

  2. Darkspear rep is a complete PITA. My troll characters ALWAYS hit exalted with Orgrimmar before they hit exalted with Darkspear Tribe. My 66 rogue still isn’t exalted and she’s done all the quests for the trolls in Outland.

  3. oh my word, yes, Thunder Bluff was by far the worse rep grind I had the displeasure of dealing with. Unfortunately (for me), I did the cloth rep turn in quests before the Tourney was even available, so I didn’t even have THAT option to help me along. Darkspear wasn’t nearly as big of an issue for me as TB was.

  4. GRATZ!

    The Gnomes are the same way for Ally. And yeah, thank goodness for Runcloth.

    At least for Timbermaw, Kurenai & Sporregar, there are grindy things you can do to build rep. Not with the “core” factions though… 🙁
    (and still not high enough to do the Argent Tourney…)

  5. I got to Exalted with Thunder Bluff first out of all of them but that was probably due to Ingredients being a Tauren already and the Argent Tourney!

    Congratulations on becoming exalted with the Tauren!

  6. There’s actually a repeatable quest in Feralas, turning in Perfect Yet Hides, that gives TB rep. Not so much a pita as it is tedious. Then I get my kodo and it drives like a Hummer 😛

    Here’s the Thottbot link, be sure to read the notes about opening the quest!

  7. Yay, kodos! I’m biased of course, being the founder of the mini-guild . My druid is not particularly fond of Blood Elves but I think he’d be friends with Althalor. (:

  8. I faction transferred my Priest who is well over half way through reverred with the two Alliance factions that transfer to Darkspear and Thunderbluff, I just have to go to the starter areas and do the quests now which should tip me to Exalted with both and grab me my Ambassador title. I may lay down some gold for cloth to start with.

  9. God, I had such a nightmare grinding cow rep. I long since came to the conclusion that grinding Tournie dailies was “cheating” so poor Tam has been doing it the hard way, seeking out small cows in farflung regions and demanding that he be allowed to help them out. Now *that* was a long strange trip =P

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