Lazy Sunday Screenshots


Color-coordinating Bears. It was cute. =D


This is the achievement I got after winning The Greatest Piece of Loot I Have Ever Won In Any Event Ever. To be fair, I used the trick where you just stick it in one trinket slot and then move it to the other, so really, I am still rolling with one non-qualifying trinket (Curse you, Mirror of Truth!)

In any event, I had a big night, and now I’m off to go lovingly cuddle my new trinket as I fall asleep~

*is not in any way obsessed with her new trinket*

*may not be telling the entire truth*

21 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Screenshots”

  1. *takes credit for first screenshot* Ahem.

    GRATS TAWTAW – One of the best trinkets in the game!! (possibly the best!) <3

    My only /grumble is the fact that my internet crapped out because of maintenance down the street. Screw you, AT&T!

  2. OOOO sweet trinket…. I can’t think of any one of my toons that wouldn’t have rolled for it- even my tank, and not feel bad at all about it. The rest of my dps buddies can argue with me all day about it but that would make a rockin tank trinket as well, especially for a warrior or dk who have avoidance and threat based off strength

  3. That is a very nice trinket. o_o ToC 25? If so, I gotta convince my guildies to start the 10 man so we can all gear up for it and then pug the 25 for that. That is a very pretty trinket, so gratz! 😀

    *wants to steal the trinket from Pike and then run away /very/ fast* >>;

  4. Oooooh, and it really is about as shiny as hunter loot gets (even though, as we all know, it”s ALL HUNTERLEWT!!11)! I got my one of those last week too, and I’m still gibbering with glee about it – I run SV, and when this and the Greatness card proc, my Agility goes higher than some of the taller skyscrapers in New York.

    And don’t diss the Mirror of Truth – i200 it may be, but it is still a fab trinket!

    Gratz on Epic(x) \o/

  5. @Gevlon – I hadn’t visited the bank in a while. =P I normally have more emptly slots than that. And I am, in fact, OCD. You are free to check with my pscyhologist if you like. =P

    @Armond – I rolled like a… 92 or something I think…

  6. @Gevlon – Let’s see… holiday junk, enchanting bag, random lock box, what my guess would be either random drops or soloing gear… yeah, looks like the bags of someone who headed to the instance from the wilds instead of from town. Also it is quite possible to be OCD about certain things while not about others.

    Really, when someone is making a cheery post about something they are happy or proud about that is one of the “Thumper moments” in life. In case you had your childhood surgically removed in order to make yourself a better arse that would be “If ya can’t say nuttin’ nice, don’ say nuttin’ at all.”

    @Pike – Looking at your UI makes me miss my old nelf hunter, and it is nice to know I’m not the only one that is compelled to organize their buttons with spaces between groups, no matter what. =)

  7. That’s a a very sweet trinket and the only one better is the one from heroic 25 man Twins. Of course, I know it as Death’s Choice. I’d gladly trade my shoveltusk on a stick for it D:

  8. @Shagrat

    Death’s Verdict is the one from 25-man Twins. I believe Death’s Choice is the horde version. Either way, I believe you’re talking about the same trinket that she just won. ^^

  9. (……. ) I play a Surv hunter as my main. Love the class, I’ll buy you a greatness card. just imagine greatness and paragon procing togehter while Master tactician and and Expose weakness are up!
    One of the things that I do I have a DK alt to help out guildies is get them to farm WG for a couple hours a day give me bout 5 stacks of life, and use ink I either buy or mill whichever is cheaper and make them a deck I’m usually one or two cards short but they are happy since it’s only an extra 400g for the remaining card. I keep the rest and sell them and make a tidy profit.

    You could offer the same to some newb looking to level his inscription and end up with a deck for little but some time invested.

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