This guy is named Hodir. Apparently he’s the dad of all those guys you spent millions of years grinding rep for.


There’s like…

You know the dragon boss in Nexus and how she does the frost debuff and you have to keep moving?

There’s that. AND there’s stuff you can’t stand in. AND there’s iceblocks you have to shoot. AND there’s circles on the ground. AND you have to go stand outside the circles and then run inside them for some reason which I have yet to ascertain, but it is apparently important. AND there’s this… crit buff thing like on Loatheb.

And guys…


I don’t think you understand the gravity of that situation. See, here’s a secret. When it comes to raiding, I am not a fast learner, and I really don’t pretend to be. Count up the number of times I biffed it on Sarth, Heigan, and Four Horsemen before finally nailing them and it is a very large number. Now that I am in Ulduar and we can throw Cat Chick and Iron Council* into the mix, that number becomes even larger. My strength is that once I do nail the fights, I pretty much never die on them again, but it takes a little while to reach that point… and the fact that my graphics like to conveniently forget to show various important things doesn’t help to speed the process along.

So on this guy there were a couple of wipes and then we downed him AND I WAS STILL ALIVE.

Miracle, really.

Also I got bracers and a chestpiece. Which totally makes up for my failure rolls on this crazy epic staff and crazy epic bow (I am still using Nesingwary…) >.>

* Somehow, I don’t die on Giant Popup Book Guy Kologarn, which astonishes me because that is totally the type of fight I would die on.

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  1. If you don’t do the “run the fuck away and then run the fuck back and omg don’t mess it up” thing right, well… you know those NPCs that turn into icecubes after that? And the DPS is supposed to break them out in a specific order (I could never tell which was which, but apparently the order wasn’t actually super important)? That happens to you.

    Mages can iceblock out of it (lol irony), but lesser classes can have difficulties.

  2. Well done, Pike! That sounds really particularly pet-unfriendly. Actually, it sounds pretty hunter-unfriendly, too…

    Also, mages can iceblock out of iceblocks?! This amuses me!

  3. @Armond – Yeah I turned into an ice block a couple times the first few tries. It was embarrassing. >.>

    @Durkonkell – Actually you could just leave your pet on the boss the whole time and nothing would ever happen to him. The first time I went in there I was totally pulling all the tricks I pull in Nexus to try and keep my pet alive and I just wound up killing myself (because I’m horrible at multitasking), so discovering that you did pretty much nothing with your pet the whole time was a relief.

    Why your pet is immune to the frost damage on this fight and not in Nexus, I have no idea.

  4. @ Negathle – My UI is very cluttered. But anytime I’ve tried to fix it, something horrible happens. Example, I totally spent forever in Ulduar while on a brief break tweaking my UI to make it less cluttered, then my game crashed so it didn’t save any of the settings. When I logged back on it was like “TAWYN’S BACK, PULLING NOW.”

    So yeah >.>

    And I do feel naked without raid frames… I like my UI to be the same across toons (I am easily confused) and my healer needs those raid frames x_x

  5. I do love my job in that fight for Hard Mode. I just sit by a cozy fire and shoot like my life depended on it.=D

  6. The only this that bugs me about the screenshot is all of the clutter. Other than that that fight is epic keeps us on our toes nowa days. Second favorite fight in Ulduar.

  7. Impressive indeed, one more item to add to my list of “things to do when I finally grind up to 80”. On a side note, would you consider posting a list of the add-ons you use? Some of them I love the look of but can’t identify and I really want to steal them for myself.

  8. A tip for Hodir. Only guilds who kill him hard mode seem to know it for some reason.
    There are two NPC mages: Missy Flamecuffs and Sissy Flamecuffs. Only those two NPCs need to pe gotten out of Ice Blocks. They will free all the other iceblocks in like 3 seconds and give raid more time to dps boss down.

  9. Gratz Pike !

    That fight is crazy yes ! And like the people said above : Just free the mages (the gnomes), or even one of them : they free their comrades and you will gain time, and they are the one doing fires. We freed only one this week and got the achievement !

    And yep, pets are immune to the frost, I did this fight in BM for a while, until I got much more optimized for Survival. It was the only way I found not to be to ridiculus on the meter…

    And like other said, wait until you discover Mimiron, or Vezax… You will love them, a lot of “don’t stand there, mooooooove !” is awaiting you… I can’t wait for your stories about your next trip in Ulduar, keep up !

  10. @ Ionut and Nefernet – don’t worry, we were definitely only freeing the gnomes! They were marked up with raid icons and everything.

  11. lol Hodir is fun, and once you get used to it you become an old hand at it.

    Then you get Freya and her adds madness

    Then comes Mimiron which is chaos incarnate until you try Mimiron hard mode which is just wtfery and makes everything before seem easy peasy.

  12. Hodir is quite fun, though even when we’ve pretty much got it on farm, we still screw up sometimes. Just a little slip can wipe it (Healer getting block’d). Using a DK tank and Aura Mastery really does make it trivial, though. 😛

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen Avalanche drop, aaannddd…..
    My gun was better. >.< It went to the other hunter who was toting around one from 10m Naxx. I just feel horrible, though, that 1% crit racial, completely wasted due to the lack of decent end-game bow. :/
    Oh well.

    Oh and on the madness of fights topic. One word.
    And another…

  13. By the way, marksman is amazing for this fight. If you get the crit buff, do Rapidfire,chimera,readiness,chimera for omgwtf dmg plus 5k piercing shot ticks!

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