There they were, high in the hills of Crystalsong Forest. Tawyn and Perezvon. They’d flown there atop the broad, red wings of Spirakistrasz, Perezvon the wolf enjoying the ride as he always did, ears flapping.

Tawyn had grown attached to him since nursing him back to health some time ago, but she had since discovered that they were not the best fit for each other. He was loyal, and he fought as hard as he could, and his howl was inspiring to her. But he lacked the pure unbridled storm that Wash seemed to possess, and the cunning of Eltanin and Tux, and the stealthy movements of Locke. Perezvon was a good friend, a companion– but Tawyn needed a fighter.


They stood there and Perezvon wagged his tail a bit, as if to ask what they were doing out here. That tail, Tawyn thought. She was convinced by now that he was only half-wolf, and half-domestic dog. She was also convinced that he’d had an owner at some point, before her, which is why he had warmed up to her so fast– and it was time to return him to his home.

“Perezvon,” she said, in a gentle voice that none but her pets ever heard, “It’s time for you to go.”

The wolf looked up at her and blinked once or twice. He of course could not understand Common, but Tawyn’s training as a Beast Master had given her enough of a bond with her pets that she was able to get the gist across with little more than the tone of her voice. She looked down at him. “You were hurt, and you needed someone to fix you up. I think you are going to be okay now.” She looked back up at the horizon. “And I don’t know where your home is. But I know you know how to get there.”

Silence. The wind blew a bit, rustling some nearby leaves.

And then he was on her, licking her face, and Tawyn sprouted a lopsided grin and cackled, “Git outta here, boy… go home.”

And he did, running through the snow.

The last thing Tawyn heard was a furious howl.

19 thoughts on “Farewell (I'M NOT LEAVING, IT'S AN RP STORY POST I SWEAR)”

  1. I never could abandon a “true” pet (i.e. one I truly fought with).

    I will have to do one soon, and I hope I can handle it as nicely as you.

  2. Aww. A sad tale, I hope the little fella finds his old home again.

    Yes, abandoning pets is hard, and I say that as someone whose hunters are merely underplayed alts and who is pretty bad at the class. Maybe I’m sentimental. But it’s always fun to see hunter players sort of “bond” with their pets even when they are not roleplayers. 🙂

  3. /cry

    but then again, I cried at The Fox and The Hound.

    And when? WHEN? will Blizzard change “abandon” to “release” or “set free.” Abandon is NOT correct.

  4. *Tear*

    makes me think of letting go in real life of a faithful friend. >.<

    Good short drabble though, inspired emotion which is what good writing does.

    I hate having to let my pets go (The in game ones) I feel horrid if I ahve ahd them for some time, too. -_-

  5. nice little goodbye story … /wave Perezvon

    Only pet I ever got attached to and had to let go was a boar named Oink.
    (for the sound he made when charging into combat … hehe >.<)

    He kept me company all through TBC and defended me and other squishy
    chars in the back of a group in normal and heroic instances by valiantly
    charging at any bad guy coming for us … giving us that precious second or two.
    (back in the days when instances were as much about control as about dps)

  6. Awwwwww…

    I’ve come straight from Klinderas’ announcement that he’s retiring to this. I know you won’t want to see a grown dwarf cry, so you’ll have to excuse me…

    *sobbing sounds from corner*

    (lovely bit of writing, even if it did combine with Klin’s withdrawl to almost reduce me to a blubbering wreck! Thanks for sharing it with us! If only I could get around to finishing my own beastmaster-centric story…)

    -Durkon Kell et al.

  7. Awwww…that reminded me of the real Blacky I used to have and it made me sad.

    *clings to the WoW version of Blacky* You, I’m never letting go of.

  8. This post is one of the reasons Aspect of the Hare tops my WOW reading list. While I’ve appreciated all the advice I’ve picked up as a hunter, the real draw is the human element Pike brings. The stories like these show a connection and joy for the game and the class that goes far beyond the usual standard Tips for Hunters. It’s what gives the blog staying power, and one of the reasons many will mourn the inevitable (but hopefully distant) day when Pike says farewell to us as well.

  9. Posts like this make me wish I’d started my main on an RP server. The stories. The character. The emotion. Although I may have to remove this blog from my work RSS feeds…I get a bit emotional /sob

  10. As one who plays a Hunter, I know the feeling you get when you had to abandon a pet – it’s a sentimental moment, especially if the pet have been with you for some time, accompanying you on your adventures. I can only hope that I will never have to abandon any of my pets.

    *cheers for Tawyn, and cheers for Perezvon*

    Oh, and I hope he really does find his true owner again!

  11. You gave me goosebumps, Pike.

    I know this feeling all too well. I am currently struggling over who I have in my stable and whether or not the new wolfy-looking spirit beast deserves to take the place of one of them. Letting go is the hardest part.

  12. Gosh I love your little stories. You know you and Negs should really get together for an epic hunter trilogy. WoW as seen from both sides. The first two books could maybe be individual stories, one focusing on Tawyn, one on Negathle, with the final one where both meet up or something.

    Anyway, I should really get rid of Uhk’loc, but I spent sooo much time trying to tame him (that cave is a popular place). But there are other pets out there I want to play with (wasp and turtle and spider). I really came to like my Sporebat that I tamed and named Hobbes in honor of BRK, LOL. But I had to get rid of him when the Wolf Hunter Trinket came into the game. It’s nice that he can still be seen in the Dalaran pet shop from time to time. Anyway… I’d say please Blizz give us one more stable slot. But then I’m sure I’d want another, and another…

    Anyway, it’s been awhile since I replied, but that’s the difference between between a commenter on a blog as opposed to an author. I don’t have to announce my two weeks vacations, lol. Good to be reading again.

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