Sometimes a hunter's gotta fly alone


There is no longer a guild tag under my name. It was not due to any sort of drama or conflict so much as it was due to the sort of communal realization by everyone in our friends circle that a chat channel would serve our socialization needs while allowing us to, well, go off and do what we wanted to do in game. The /gquit itself was not nearly as hard as it was last time, although it was rather sudden, but I do feel somewhat lonely now. Most people left with a clear goal in mind of where they were headed, some raiding guild or other being the most common answer.

Me? Guess I’m just a leaf on the wind. Time to see if I can soar…

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  1. “Sometimes, a Hunter’s gotta fly alone”

    Technically, the class design goes against that.

    As a recent “technically guildless” Hunter, I feel for ya.

  2. Good Luck Pike! I’ve traveled the Lone Wolf path many times myself but I eventually found my home. Don’t give up!! <3

  3. But, as a Hunter, you’re never really alone! You should know that. <3

    I have to agree with Tora though, I think the game is losing it’s appeal. :/

  4. /hug Pike

    Don’t worry, you will find a great guild ! So used as you are to run pickup raids, you will eventually find a bunch of people you will like playing with and chatting with.


  5. Eya Pike!

    You wil surely find a good guild. I was the same until I founded my own guild on Darkmoon Faire and gathered a lot of friends under the principle: have fun, fun, fun. And we are still standing!

    Take care

    creizi of the Duck Farm Inc.

  6. I hear you, I am realizing my guild is not meeting my needs. I am about to leave my guild and either be guildless for a while find a more social friends guild. Good luck in your journies

  7. As a recent /gquitter I feel for ya Pike. My situation was slightly different though as I had a new guild to call home waiting for me.

    I had been a member for over a year of a ‘casual’ raiding guild that also was home to my siblings, nephew and bunch of very good in-game friends (some of whom I’d been playing with for close to two and a half years). I was looking to see a little bit more of the end-game and had been accepted into a ‘hard core’ raiding guild.

    That single line was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do :o(

    I’ve settled in quite nicely to my new home though and while I don’t get to spend as much time with my old friends and family in-game as I’d like I do still have my alts in their guild and pop on to say ‘hi’ as often as I can.

    You’ll find your place… and your purpose. It may take a little bit of time and effort but the right fit is out there somewhere :o)

  8. @ Tora & Trinia – well, to be fair, the majority of the people in my guild did not leave the game, rather they are joining new guilds.

    @ Wobin – I skewed the quote a little >.> let’s hope it prevents bad things from happening?

  9. Pike,

    Perhaps it also doesn’t help that you might be worn out from an overload of WoW material. The way I see it is that you’ve invested so much of yourself into the game and related items. I’m also noticing that you’re filling some of that void that BRK left during his departure by providing info you didn’t before. I’m sure that takes up more time than you had spent before.

    Perhaps, viewing the game at an angle that BRK did adds another diemension to the way you play or care about your characters.

    When I first visited your blog, I got the sense that you were a happy-go-lucky hunter that cared more about fun things to do. You really emersed yourself in the lore. At least that’s the impression I got. Now, that’s a little more transparent. It’s kind of like visiting Universial Studios and realizing that everything you see on TV/Movies is just a set – behind it are the support beams, wires and mechanisms that make everything come together.

    I’d like to see the old Pike back.

  10. @ Jinza –

    If you could, please explain what you see as “the old Pike” and how that is different from the new. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t changed; I’m not really trying to make a conscious effort to be the “new BRK” and I’m just doing what I’ve always done really. But if you feel I have jumped the shark or something, I would really appreciate some more information on that. Just out of pure curiosity more than anything. =P

  11. It’s kind of like visiting Universial Studios and realizing that everything you see on TV/Movies is just a set – behind it are the support beams, wires and mechanisms that make everything come together.

    Everything is like this. Most readers of SES would boggle at the concept of me giggling like a schoolgirl over getting the offhand from Nightbane in Karazhan because it spits fire, or literally squeeing because after 4 years of playing, I finally saw Headmaster’s Charge from Gandling, and it was all mine.

    Same too is Pike. The things I mentioned about me, which most people would never attribute to me, seem to be common conceptions about Pike. And they’re not wrong. But Pike is a multi-faceted individual too – maybe she dreams of posting jaw-dropping numbers in an Ulduar raid, bringing pride and credit to her beloved spec. Maybe she dreams of being considered a forefront in blogging about her spec (though to many, she already is). Does this invalidate the fun, fanciful Pike? Hardly. Her bubbly enthusiasm bleeds through in everything she does, creates, and writes. It’s that passion and enthusiasm that checks my tongue every time I form a quill of distaste for BM on its tip.

    TL, DR: There is no “old Pike” to want back, because the one we have is the one we’ve always had, and I’d rather have her no other way.

  12. Pike, you Rock. Yes, with a capital “R”.

    I’d say to find something to go after and have fun with it, because if you can’t have fun playing this game, then whats the point?

    Happy Hunting!

  13. Give me a ring if you ever show up on the Argent Dawn server! I love my guild for our balance of raiding, casual RPing and the occasional naked tree jumping from Darnassus. But mostly I love them for the people. Here’s hoping you find a home.

  14. Heh, that’s fair enough. Server news which has reached my ear apparently tells me that two top guilds on my server have disbanded, so idk.

  15. Pike, no!
    Don’t soar like a leaf on the wind. As said before, that quote ends… badly.
    Still, my hunter’s been guildless for a while and only recentoly re-joined one jsut to chatter with the one my main’s in. As a hunter, you are never alone, and your friend is only a whistle away. No tabard, or lack therof, will ever change that.

  16. Funnily enough I’ve also left my guild recently. Not however for the same understandable reasons that you quote. I recently started playing WoW again with a new account after a fairly long absence. As I level up my characters I assumed that, as has happened before, I would join a guild and exchange assistance with others. You know, borrow some Shadow Oil so I can level up my leatherworking or whatever. Find a rogue who will open a lockbox for me. Maybe even get a hand to go through an instance that maybe I am a little low to do but could really, really use the blues and am more then willing to share the drops.

    Well, it seems that sort of guild is in short supply these days. The attitude these days seems to be *call us when you get to 80 and maybe we can do raids and epics together*

    I mean how much effort does it take to help…

    So I am still *looking for a guild* that welcomes low levels and means it…

  17. I’m going through the same thing. It’s been really nice with no raid expectations.

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