I Have Never Been More Confused

This morning I wrote a post, posted it, got like twenty comments on it according to my e-mail inbox… (I’m sure most of you saw it and many of you even commented on it), and I come home from work and it’s completely 100% gone. It’s like it never existed. Heck, there’s even a 10% done version of it saved in my Drafts. It’s like my blog rolled itself back a day or something.

If any of you guys have any clue what could have possibly happened let me know… otherwise I’ll be reposting it later, sadly sans-comments.

*extremely confused*

12 thoughts on “I Have Never Been More Confused”

  1. I kept getting a “Page not found” error when trying to get to the post via Twitter. I hate it when you write up something that is long then it gets eaten by the interweb.

  2. What’s even more strange, whatever that post was never turned up in my feed reader for the day. This is the 1st post I’ve seen on your blog.

  3. Grrr..the 1st post I’ve seen on your blog for the day is what I meant to say. I hit submit to fast. >.<

  4. Well it showed up in my Bloglines, at least. Let me know if you want me to email it to you or something so you don’t have to retype it.

  5. Actually, I don’t think it’s the first one you’ve had vanish recently… and I’ve had some of my Twitter stuff vanish too. o_O It’s a conspiracy to eliminate Wash from the collective memory of teh intertubez!

  6. I was pretty confused too. I was reading it and copy-pasted the link from my reader to send to my fiance, and he told me he was getting a 404 error. Eh? Ah well, at least I’m not the only one.

    Resto druid of Silver Hand (A)

  7. Sounds like the server crashed (or physical drive failure) for whatever hardware the blog actually ends up residing on. If something that made them restore from the last backup, you would see exactly what you are describing. Everything relating to that slice of time between the backup and the failure is gone from the server, the only traces are whatever got off the server, like e-mail about the post and any other external archiving that some blog reader apps do.

    If this is not the first post that has gone missing in this way, then you have to worry about the reliability of your hosting site.

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